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Nic e to see this. Wow, go screw yourself.
RT @ruby_redsky: Go screw yourself https://t.co/DyuNWb0ZmQ http ://www.redbubble.com/people/what-a-shocker � #t-shirt #iphone #gift #birthday #redbubble
Go screw yourself https://t.co/DyuNWb0ZmQ http ://www.redbubble.com/people/what-a-shocker � #t-shirt #iphone #gift #birthday #redbubble
@realDonaldTrump go back to your country, you are not welcome in mine, why don't you better go screw yourself you bastard!!!
@politico @HillaryClinton What a hypocrite! Trump has called Hillary a "bigot", mentally-unstable" & worse. Go screw yourself, madam.
Why can't people just stay in their own relationships and out of mine? Thanks go screw yourself 💁🏻💕 https://t.co/Fw3kfX7F7z
go screw yourself Obama when you were with both Canadian and Mexican Pres trying to bad mouth Trump https://t.co/vbay3ZA6H9
@RoyCohnsGhost @realDonaldTrump: Hiding Hillary is a Pay for Play, Email dump, and a baby killer go screw yourself. All the way from GUAM.
"It took Dad /six/ years to bring me back. No way are you killing me sixty times. Go screw yourself." @CelestialPride @resistantseraph
@Kaepernick7 Go screw yourself Kaepernick for not paying respect for The National Anthem. #CryBaby #disrecptful #littlebaby #crymeariver
@ReLearner I thought I told you to go screw yourself & take your 10 followers with you.
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Go screw yourself! That's all you're good for.
Same with this guy. Go screw yourself. https://t.co/5hN7xVE8AJ
@Chill_ZenDem @PhilipRucker @pkcapitol @mikedebonis Didn't I block you already? Thnx doctor Phil. Now kindly go screw yourself.
Go screw yourself, USA does NOT KEEP ITS WORD, USA 100% NOT TRUSTWORTHY. ABD’li General Joseph Votel: YPG şu an https://t.co/mvd987EhAl
@ReLearner oh go screw yourself LOSER. Bye!
What do I think? I think go screw yourself, that's what I think.
@theduke19071975 You stupid bigoted fat fuck. Go screw yourself cuz I woman will touch your knuckle dragging, fat ignorant racist ass.
If you are crucifying Kaep for his choice but you won't/haven't crucified guys like Greg Hardy or even Ray Rice, you can go screw yourself
@cbajc3 @RedDevilTimes Go screw yourself you idiot cunt. When Fellaini starts badly then you'll call him shit. Fickle boy