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Happy 7th birthday, Owen! Love you bunches! #wherehasthetimegone https://t.co/hMn6y5vfHL
RT @LearnBodmod: 🐽🐽🐽 - tattoos. https://t.co/2KSCbPYaww
RT @bonnire: apres toi y'a pas mieux
@Julie_estther rabisca neguinnnnn 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
RT @RealTinidora: I love random pictures of @mainedcm like this. It shows how beautiful you really are apo. Mahal ka namin.… https://t.co/H3cnsqk85N
RT @jeffstrabone: @joshtpm Josh, I've made a website to make writing letters to the #ElectoralCollege easy: https://t.co/BNA30atCy6 Can I get a re-tweet?
恋ダンスは難しい~😱…だけど「逃げ恥」は今年一番のドラマですな🎵 https://t.co/t88U1dgzBZ
RT @TheChrisSuprun: I can not, nor will I, cast my ballot for Donald Trump. My @nytimes @nytopinion: https://t.co/9cLOtfUxIF #ElectoralCollege
RT @AlDubBigBoyz: 3🌟Joke Time with JFAAFJ Gang walang makakapigil kahit magkahiwalay haha super laughtrip 😂😂😂 (C)EB #ALDUBLaborOfLove… https://t.co/Z0lfsBWOBz
Julie Gayet soutient François Hollande dans la tour­mente https://t.co/nXQq6NqW0h
@Julie_C_Smith @McFaul @washingtonpost He doesn't have to believe. He KNOWS it. And is thankful. Also thinks he didn't need the help to win.
Julie got her ass beat by 3 people that night. https://t.co/bFoZvud0ws
RT @AlDubBigBoyz: 4🌟Joke Time with JFAAFJ Gang walang makakapigil kahit magkahiwalay haha super laughtrip 😂😂😂 (C)EB #ALDUBLaborOfLove… https://t.co/TzXVIg1tFz
"Thank you Superman" Fact: Je n'avais jamais vu Julie Walters à moins de 40 ans. https://t.co/9xL4TDk4XK
RT @ALDENaticsQC_: That caption, though 🙈 © barbaraforteza | IG #ALDUBLaborOfLove https://t.co/HwoSwjbTqD
RT @ServeLeadNow: Current: "What companies get wrong about motivating their people" https://t.co/o383bQXkr7 #servantleadership #management @danariely
Ang ganda ni Julie Ann kanina eh
@julie_azu comme t'es mechsnt je v me mettre en pls 😭
RT @LTLudendorff: Me imagino a Uribe sentado en la sala, acariciando su motosierra, con lágrimas en los ojos, escuchando la entrega del Nobel.
RT @JOWAPAO_: Good friends together 😙 From @DirekMike. Gusto ko tuloy bigla ng okoy. #ALDUBLaborOfLove https://t.co/pndtnvagbj
RT @Salvesayson: Two dangerous weapons in this world! Girl’s SMILE and her TEARS! These things make a man to do anything. Agree? #ALDUBLaborOfLove