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@julie_kelly2 @usacsmret Yes! His death sounds brutal and horrific but besides the hoopla in the media most don’t u… https://t.co/GktPhbV341
@FloRouch09 @EnvoyeSpecial Nous vous invitons donc à nous communiquer vos coordonnées téléphoniques afin que nous p… https://t.co/vuRkTCO2zf
RT @MattrKing: waiting for miranda cosgrove to text me https://t.co/m0AzBVK0IQ
Julie Thacker Hayes was a Dance Dawg 1978-1983. She graduated an Education major & is an elementary school libraria… https://t.co/ED3byQwtHb
@Arcticwolff @JulieBanderas @AmericaNewsroom Just noticed your typo Julie... I think you meant 59 again. Your welcome!
Yeah, Julie. Wish I was reading some more #SiWC18 https://t.co/NB6Hgde5gX
Dick Pound, BCL'67, LLD'09, @StikemanElliott weighs in against criticisms of @GGJuliePayette @RideauHall, calling h… https://t.co/RHoW9PZx1q
@Padman4321 @julie_kelly2 No, normal sentient human care about human rights. Evil Christians don’t and you revel in… https://t.co/UY8pO2hGU8
I added this design to my studio page on https://t.co/YWc1olIHKF and it has been added to all kinds of neat items.… https://t.co/Jz3QOsPa7M
"Mijou cagou seu dinheiro foi jogado fora"
@JulieBanderas Julie, you say it however you want to ❤️👍
@KOMElJI i think jamba juice should release a juice called we love julie juice
Julie Baird waits at the window for her boyfriend coming over the big gimp
RT @thelogansmusic: @JulieJonesyy NO JULIE SHE IS MELTING ME! what's her name?x
RT @agentsavant: For all the Australia & New Zealand Julie Kagawa fans: So happy to hear that Shadow of the Fox has been selected fo… https://t.co/ZmH8Pg62RJ
@ScarletAvengers Saw it! Loved it!!! Cracks me up!!
As-tu des tatouages ? Si ce n'est pas le cas, envisages-tu d'en obtenir un ? — Nan, mais j’aimerai bien un des tato… https://t.co/64qSPzXftA
Est-ce que je me risque d'aller faire un tour à p13 en attendant Julie ? Je répète EST-CE QUE JE PREND LE RISQUE D… https://t.co/8MCg48WAdC