Go Cubs Go

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Highlight of my day when one of my preschooler boys said miss Kenzie guess what? And he starts to sing go cubs go!💙❤️⚾️🐻
Stop that @Lizzs_Lockeroom we got this. It's finally gonna happen. Go @Cubs Go! #WorldSeries
World Series day. GO CUBS GO 🐻💙 https://t.co/GgZcbdp6pY
RT @FrankieLaVere: Game day. 71 years in the making.. GO CUBS GO! #FlyTheW
Go Cubs! Go Indians! Darn it, um, well I guess I'll cheer for the Cubs.
Today is the day.... Go Cubs Go
@RoverRadio Yo yo...u hear about this radio dj murdered in indiana? Terre haute Is the meth/herron hotbed of indiana. GO Cubs go!
May all Trump and Hillary supporters join forces and unite in their prayers for the the success of America's best t… https://t.co/UfNeH4a7nn
Always a good day when they play Go Cubs Go in the morning #FlyTheW
RT @DeanZ_Kellogg: Hey Chicago, what do you say? The Cubs are going to win today. Go Cubs go, Go Cubs go @Cubs
A welcome diversion from political bullshit. Go Cubs! Go Indians! https://t.co/Q1xvZUJV8k
8 am and I've already listened to Go Cubs Go five times...
@MLB @RBIGAME @Xbox "Go @Cubs go! Go Cubs go! Hey Chicago whadd'ya say, hope I win that @Xbox 1 today. Go Cubs Go! Go Cubs Go!#Goatbusters
@Cubs yeah! Go Cubs Go!!! #FlyTheW
OK, friends. Time for me to slink back into the shadows until the World Series is over. Love you all. Go #Cubs Go.
Go Cubs Go!! (In case you didn't know) Love you guys!! #cubswin #holycow #w #gocubsgo… https://t.co/KfbE3m9MmV
Go Cubs go!!!!⚾️⚾️⚾️