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@ayaka_RAD15 そう、きっとくまさんの策略にまんまとハマってるねんで(´・∀・`)w 手のひらの上でコロッコロやでwww まぁ、あやかちゃんとともやなら3つ差やろ?3つなんて離れてるようで離れてないもんな(´・∀・`)www
RT @GusTheFox: You only see courage like this once in a blue moon. https://t.co/GQ4DeIrfms
RT @repeccas: homework! (blue is my favorite color can you tell) https://t.co/zu8ANugxu7
America Economía CAF: percepción del Perú mejora en mercados internacionales por impulso del PIB https://t.co/j9QNfKiPhh
RT @Kellah1: ⛔️ عمر الكاملي وتاريخه في #صناعة_الكذب سبب رئيسي في تفاقم أزمة #الاتحاد الحالية @ActionYaDawry @waleedalfarraj… https://t.co/iXLWl4KXzQ
RT @LateTackle: "The away end explodes with blue!" #Pompey going mental after @DMNorris19's equaliser at St Mary's 🚀 Look at the… https://t.co/iVXFSZtf4p
@blue_voice_ao あおさん意外とケチなんすね(^ω^)
RT @astramelle: Ce parfum Versace😍 homme offert par @CedricintheCity Follow et RT un max svp🎁détail du #concours ici… https://t.co/gQFwF8H1Bn
@blue_so_shi うん!!大丈夫だよ!!僕オメメパッチりさ!!!流れ星!!
RT @ALLKIX: #ALLKIX Chris Paul Once Again Brings Out This Air Jordan 11 PE Sporting His Team’s Colors https://t.co/5o3nQlGpK2 https://t.co/JkJ8IzCAur
Member Pot Luck Lunch!!! Yummy!!! We love our members and they love us!!! 💙🦁 @ Blue Lion Austin https://t.co/mQazmUteNq
Red white blue's in the sky summer's in the air and baby heaven's in your eyes ❤
RT @JMastrodonato: Pomeranz is getting knocked around early against the Blue Jays. Line drives all over the field.
Wicker Old Sea Blue Tray by AngelPaws6 https://t.co/f09GNyPgnp via @Etsy
@dillondjean who can look at the shirt with a more gorgeous version of Corbin blue wearing it 😱
RT @nmsaints87124: Blue Lives Matter flag deemed 'racist,' ordered to come down https://t.co/CVYGLFvGeZ