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@verso Transformers exploding. The ones on the power lines not the Autobots or Decepticons. Although they might glow blue when exploding too
RT @busan_animeclub: [긴급공지] 하이큐 제일복권 보쿠토 타올을 계산하지않고 그냥 가져가신 분이 계십니다 내일안에 물건을 들고 반드시 계산하러오세요 계산하지않을 경우 도난으로 간주하고 녹화된 cctv영상을 경찰서에 신고하겠습니다
Blue Sthali - ULTRANUMB 연주 해보았다. 演奏してみた。 Youtube : https://t.co/Y9X2AC6iDU #RAIN_Works
ロイド・バンクスが「Blue Friday」企画での新曲“Major League”を発表!https://t.co/AC9QJ409Hf
RT @SNSDMusicFacts: The Nation's Girl Group got invited by the former First Lady of South Korea at the Blue House https://t.co/CBIrFj5kl6
RT @soompi: Jo Jung Suk Makes A Jealousy Incarnate Out Of Lee Min Ho In “The Legend Of The Blue Sea” Cameo… https://t.co/ctvR8YPTRb
RT @TruescrIife: If I pause FIFA to text you back it means you are special💕⚽️
RT @kuroninare4: 壊れそうなほど 狂いそうなほど 切ない夜には そっと「抱きしめて」 壊れそうなほど 狂いそうなほど 切ない夜には そう呟いた… #LUNA SEA TRUE BLUE
En directo Bad Boys Blue - Save Your Love https://t.co/6WNaHT5AZa #clasicos
RT @bryanbrtltt: Blue is known as a sad colour, but when I see the ocean all my sorrows are washed away. https://t.co/jflqFInEBQ
RT @KABEIMO_Ps4: @imorimax_blue @v4_qv_v ぶるーにブロックされた半泣きなってたww
RT @CountryChief: Keith Urban - Blue Ain't Your Color https://t.co/6Ss3aWvVCJ
RT @oinagoya: アローラ地方で話題のマラサダを食べに、名古屋においでよ。 大須のハワイアンフード専門店、BLUE WATER SHRIMPでは、できたて熱々のマラサダを食べることができるよ! #飯テロ https://t.co/VVEmrlH2bH
もう一回ブロックしてみたくなってしまった https://t.co/Oq7PvlWarJ
ladies tell us more about the blue strepsil cool...
@Wilnerness590 Mike, you can't feed us this BS. The Blue Jays management misread the DH market and rushed to sign Morales, Pearce.
RT @JoinGreenRush: Blue Cookies🍃🔵🍪 🚙💨Delivered by @Qipidelivery👍 —Order at https://t.co/nBvTr306dJ 📲💻 #Cannabis #Weed #MMJ #Oakland… https://t.co/pt1LLX6hyj
4 are wed pansies are blue