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@xo_kaylahhh so i never bought that blue nd white star lollipop on that A day before we went to 3rd period
RT @ActualEPAFacts: If they detonate the nuclear option, Democrats will never let up on ANYTHING and when we flip it blue, they are DONE https://t.co/T9yYMQfXNO
RT @sapinker: The science of “blue lies”: There’s a reason Trump supporters embrace his alternative facts https://t.co/JmYaynaf2X
A wrist shot from the blue line. Lol
RT @toa_blue_mh: 💕🍓いちごいちご🍓💕 https://t.co/iuHa6kvghE
RT @sanduki: 旅行会社てるみくらぶの話題で1番好きなレスはこれ https://t.co/Q46OcnpL3e
RT @thecreativewave: 5. Blue Velvet - The Paradise EP is literally perfection - can you believe this was an H&M commercial? SHOOK https://t.co/NS4P8XZtnH
RT @SouthernDems_: The special election to replace Rep. Tom Price will be held on April 18 so be sure to follow Jon @ossoff and spread… https://t.co/Qz14XYwIYW
RT @fashionpressnet: 【明日開催】パンフェス伊勢丹新宿初開催「ISEPAN ! ~パン好きのための、パンの祭典~」約40店が参加 https://t.co/jdVvwv7VN0 https://t.co/IlUcXKtARb
RT @LibyaLiberty: Many wore blue as a symbol of hope & peace. Muslims must persist,even if condemnation isn't heard as loudly as an i… https://t.co/Gq82iJrWQm
#NickiMinaj #Style Nicki Minaj Crop Top Size Large Womens Blue 6662: $13.34 End Date: Thursday…… https://t.co/zHDc3tFSFa
RT @Mike_Nkansah: Man went to sit outside with his blue balls like https://t.co/OavAEyiJE4
RT @docdhj: Wonder why Insurance Co's & Big Pharma loved RyanCare? Ryan's wife is a former lobbyist for Blue Cross, Cigna & Big Pharma! @AAPSonline
RT @st_mr_: 笑った
NEW ORLEANS, LA – FEBRUARY 19: Jay Z, Blue Ivy Carter and Beyoncé Knowles attend the 66th NBA All-Star ... https://t.co/XglNaYprwN
RT @JREY457: @SCOOP208 @Shop_Swoosh DS Adidas Iniki Boost Grey $150 shipped & Adidas Ultra Boost Royal Blue Size 10.5 $165 ship… https://t.co/HxoHX88P7s
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