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RT @blckriflecoffee: Shout out to our brothers and sisters in blue! #staycaffeinated https://t.co/gof1Tzng1L
また、願えば傷つき 涙は絶えない 解ってる 解ってる 僕の弱さ でも 君に触れた事 過ごした季節も 無駄にしたくない (BLUE FLAME) #alicenine
RT @Ghoddesonearth: Exhibited by your brain puts the p in green. For today We start a new war at Our guillotine door. Original siele ba… https://t.co/sr33ePbKAD
RT @aeridays: 🚀 Don't forget to @ me on official tweets (with the blue ✔️) about EXO. You can also send the tweets to my DMs so I… https://t.co/nSrjFEQmYR
RT @murthaburke: USB Wired Joypad Gamepad For Microsoft Xbox 360 Console Wired Controller Black White Red #usb #wired #game #xbox #j… https://t.co/b7uSM0HrYY
RT @shikaosuga: カフェとかファミレスで流れてるJazz、長い歴史と努力に裏付けられたスキルで成り立ってる(Blue Giant 的な)。なんかオサレじゃね?って感じで垂れ流しにされてると、申し訳なくなって一音一音じっと聴いてしまう
@BLUE_rice3637 そうなの!とりあえずかわいいんだからよくない?笑
RT @FedupWithSwamp: Well, well, well.... what a fuckin' coincidence, considering we know of some Blue Blood that's about to spill... ‘… https://t.co/cI9P75lQN1
Now playing Out Of The Blue by Delta Goodrem!
The United States Senate has moved to a new city. Twitter says "Tap the blue box". https://t.co/IMTNIGdhHO
RT @BeatPerMinuteSH: “Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you.” https://t.co/9THvtQj3wC
RT @infiniteck1: #TellMe4thWin 당장 눈에 보이는 활동 끝났다고 끝난 거 아닌 거 아시죠...😘 스트리밍 놓지 말고 열심히 합시다😊 https://t.co/DE8VhxOLLU
RT @Akeyroid7: #ラジコン リコイルスターターの紐が ボロボロに… これって 紐だけ交換とか出来ますかね? 新しいリコイルスターター買うか、 スターターボックスを買うべきか… https://t.co/2aGCOcpApM
RT @TaliaForScience: Our friend @BWestbrookAZ8, the first transgender woman to run for Congress in Arizona, is being sued by her opponen… https://t.co/GrgSivDXKh
blue. open the chest. stop having it be closed.
RT @yui_yukari2027: 町田の小さな女王様 神田多恵子のSky blueはこちら! https://t.co/DWx3QApDmc
@minari_0726 자주 봐요 나리님!
ライカ レディース シューズ・靴 スニーカー【Hailee SMT】Navy/Blue<br>https://t.co/W2SAklAd5Z https://t.co/xHI6ZhAq0l