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知的面には問題ないけどコミュニケーション面でちょっと問題ある子のお話なんだな(ついそっち側目線から見てしまう)低学年だからグレーかなーって感じだけど周りの関わり方で良い方向に向かえるタイプかな #u&i
RT @bellakarani: 🚨 SOS! PLEASE HELP FIND HIM!🚨 My cousin Gabriel Sergio Astorga went missing yesterday 5/20/18 in Nogales AZ going t… https://t.co/zI3VoKJgEH
RT @BBCArchive: #OTD 1980: The Empire Strikes Back was released in the UK. A fine excuse to show the cast appearing on Blue Peter a… https://t.co/zEF1Ku2vhA
@ciaoooosilver I’ve had my fair share of medical thus far. I definitely enjoy the experiences. Obviously our “good”… https://t.co/uIC1K3aXTE
RT @FBRSquad: Hello fellow Resisters ❤️❤️❤️ Trying to reach 14,000 so time for a Follow Back Resistance party! ‼️ Like this post… https://t.co/7aFIpTNTTD
RT @dhrskckf11: 사채빚을 구실삼아 애증어린 분풀이를 하는 장면이다. 앞뒤 맥락 아무리 따져봐도 이지안이 이런 폭력의 대상이 되고 폭력을 당하는 장면이 적나라하게 나오는건 분명 문제가 많다. 게다가 이지안의 운신의 폭을 더… https://t.co/TnUzjATuiw
RT @kurochan96wawa: お昼ご飯は、すき焼き。 画角がうまくとれてなかったしん! すき焼きに、うどんが入ってるので、お米はやめといた。 https://t.co/pvjBaxP8pZ
BLUE COMPASS予約したけど届くのいつなんだ?今日がいいなー楽しみだぁー
@meqz_ いいねありがとうございます フォローさせて頂きました☺︎︎
Light Blue & Golden Seed Bead Necklace - Fashion Jewelry - Summer Necklace - Extralong - Beaded - Gift Idea - Mult… https://t.co/HEj4aEcli4
@buta_blue あいつコンビニにはあんまないのでスーパーとかにあるところにはある感じ
This intersection always makes me #smile 😎🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 * * #cityofchampions #signs #inglewood #palmtrees #trees #streets… https://t.co/v7WXsLy1Zh
RT @KennettSami: Hi everyone so this is the cover I did of “Call Me Home” by Girl Blue a few months ago at Blackbird Studios! I hope… https://t.co/OsprgHuCZy
RT @staceyabrams: Today, @HillaryClinton endorsed our people-powered campaign to move Georgia forward. Thank you, Hillary Clinton,… https://t.co/RGiEHtFPq2
RT @BeautyPostss: why do 14 year olds nowadays have mac makeup, contour kits & an iPhone. when I was 14 I had blue sparkly eyeshadow and a flip phone lmao :(
RT @nammm24: 이쯤에서 보는 션멘데스랑 방탄 맞팔하는과정ㅜㅜ기여워 기여워ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ #PremiosMTVMiaw  #MTVLAFANARMYBTS @BTS_twt https://t.co/rvRAv5keOI
@James_Dubya Lo-key Tyler’s suit was spiffy as fuck. Blue jacket was sick
RT @Iva305: Blue eyes Yağhaz YağızEgemen HazanÇamkıran DenizBaysal FaziletHanımveKızları EnİyiOyuncu ÇağlarErtuğrul
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