#Syria’s Sunni opposition hopes @realDonaldTrump's longstanding hostility to #Iran will offset his desire to improve relations with #Russia
RT @tparsi: Bolton will be No 2 at State Dep. The man who ruined the agreement with N Korea. Called for war with Iran. Signal is clear: Prepare for war!
@MattWalshBlog Since 2014, Obama punished 3 of 4 states deem top cyber threats; China, Iran & North Korea. The curious exception is Russia
RT @matthewjdowd: Think about the gop and trump reaction if the CIA said Iran hacked into the RNC in order to help Clinton win. Have some principles. Now.
RT @MKAtaturkTC: İstanbul'u Yunan Alsa İran Nükleer Bomba Atsa Binlerce Şehidimiz Olsa Bu Çomarların, Bu Amiplerin Aklı BaşKANlıkta…
RT @baluchexpress: Iran’s big military drill in Sistan-0-Baluchestan...
RT @robreiner: Teapot Dome,Watergate,Iran-Contra are quaint compared to Russian gov. in league with Trump to influence US election. Criminal DT has to go!!
RT @zuhairimisrawi: Setiap kali mendengarkan lagu-lagu Iran ini, selalu rindu keramahan warga dan keindahan negerinya #shalawat
Largest among these effects is Iran’s continuing consolidation of regional hegemony... #WeekendBridge
RT @PoleroAna: Por anular Pacto con Irán, levantar cepo,sacarnos del default, pagar juicios a jubilados. Por tantas Cresta Roja y…
RT @ThielsChristian: #Iran has increased the number of its ballistic missiles with more precision-striking capability…
RT @NetworksManager: Culture war being waged in Europe & America is SAME 1 waged n Turkey,Syria,Iraq,Iran,India,Africa. DO U HEAR ME NOW?
RT @islamlie2: Iran Opens “Theme Park” That Teaches Kids To Kill Israelis & Westerners
RT @Dalatrm: #Iran #AlamTV @HoseinMortada hoists #Hezbollah flag over #Aleppo Citadel "Hoisting Yellow banner near #Syria flag,i…
@ShannonSharpe whats worse: getting a medal or giving a 400 million dollar ransom to Iran?
RT @JohnAllenGay: Trump has asked for intel briefings on specific subjects, so far "have not included Russia or Iran."
RT @AbeGreenwald: People who obediently celebrated Obama's "breakthrough" with Iran are now very distraught about "fake news."
RT @FoxNews: .@SebGorka: "In the last eight years, the world has gone ablaze wherever you look."
RT @idalmac46: IGLESIAS tuvo que escuchar en el Parlam. como le llamaban delincuente por RECIBIR DINERO DE VENEZUELA E IRÁN. ¡ EL…
RT @richards1052: Why I Published US Intelligence Secrets About Israel’s Anti-Iran Campaign
RT @KandiRider: #HumanRightsDay Force #Iran to free #American Hostage #RobertLevinson A prisoner since March 9th 2007
RT @The_NewArab: Iran-backed militia plans to control border with Syria, while Tehran wants to build highway to Damascus
@putin_the_great @adamsyria1986 It will be Syria's when Hezbollah and Iran stay there.