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The #girlpower cast of AgathaChristie’s Crooked House is beyond incredible
Hoofdrollen voor Glenn Close en Gillian Anderson in Agatha Christie-film
oh okay glenn close is wondering around in just a white shirt im suddenly much more interested
oh glenn close is crying thats predictable
Ch.Hendricks, G.Anderson, M.Irons, G.Close i T.Stamp zagrają w ekranizacji "Domu zbrodni" A.Christie. cc @AniaWloch
Great story of Ria Jones mirroring Glenn Close's costume changes in wings: @ShentonStage on understudies
@heliofoe Ahhh Glenn Close is in it too!
RT @Deadline: Christina Hendricks, Gillian Anderson Join Max Irons & Glenn Close For Agatha Christie’s…
Hoofdrollen voor Glenn Close en Gillian Anderson in Agatha Christie-film
#Filmnieuws: Hoofdrollen voor Glenn Close en Gillian Anderson in Agatha Christie-film: Glenn... #showbizzvandaag
@addictionguy @KateUpton Judy Dench and Glenn close are actresses. Upton leaves 90% of her body uncovered to sell phone games on commercials
My celeb crush back in high school, the beautiful #GillianAnderson just keeps getting gigs left and...
Christina Hendricks, Gillian Anderson And More Join Glenn Close In CROOKED HOUSE
RT @Variety: Filming Begins on Agatha Christie’s ‘Crooked House,’ with Glenn Close, Gillian Anderson
RT @OsbrinkAgency: We're proud to announce that @HonorKneafsey will be part of this all-star cast in the upcoming movie, Crooked House!
Heights (DVD, 2005)- Glenn Close, Elizabeth Banks - BRAND NEW FACTORY SEALED
@BigBrotherPma @BigBrotherTvnn quien te recuerda Glenn Close en atracción fatal 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Glenn close news followed playtime. and I'm a little concerned over what they're expecting from me? I don't have tostino's pizza rolls ok!
RT @PublicEyeComms: Very happy to announce @GillianA is going to star in Agatha Christie's #CrookedHouse
RT @kballard27: @greglovesmovies LOVED @whenboughbreaks just like fatal attraction glenn close was a better crazy lady but she was closely followed by anna