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glee's season one finale made me want to kill myself and then chuck myself at the television set whilst watching my body burst into flames
I liked a @YouTube video Glee | 4x22 Scene #2 "All Or Nothing" Season Finale | "Brittany 's Goodbye Scene"
@kalemklub Agree. I think it's Glee Syndrome. Finale: Everyone likes each other now! Next season premiere: Just kidding!
The season 3 finale of glee made me more emotional than it should have
Essa season finale foi maravilhosa Que serie linda é Glee ne meus amigos
dieciocho de octubre de dos mil dieciséis, sigo indignada porque roderick y spencer no fueran canon en la season finale de glee
The first time I watched the #Glee season 3 finale I cried forever&I just finished watching it again now&I'm still just emotional about it😢💜
RT @GLEEonFOX: Before tonight's finale, take a peek through these top moments from Season 1! Which moments are your favorite? #glee
im about to watch the season three finale of glee and prob get rly emotional pray 4 me
it's been 6 years and i still get emotional over the season 3 finale of glee
my roommate can 100% hear me uncontrollably sobbing over the glee season 3 finale
Hj o #XFactorBr tá mais pra season finale de Glee
just watched the season 3 finale of glee for like the fifth time and i literally cry everytime
RT @Alisonsmermaid: Emily chose Alison over Paige and is basically moving in. Did y'all expect 69ing amidst all that's happening on the season finale? Lmao bye
terminei de ver 6 season finale de Glee chorei minhas glândulas lacrimais pra fora n aceito o final da série n aceito a morte de cory não
to bem confusa pq tem o poster de how to succeed in business without really trying, aquele com o daniel radcliffe na season 2 finale de glee
it's pathetic how hard I cried at the season 3 finale of Glee & it's even worse that I literally can't leave my bed out of sadness
até hj não tive coragem de terminar a season finale de glee com medo de chorar
wow the season 3 finale of glee goodbye i am sobbing rn
RT @treblefranta: Girls watching glee season 1 finale I can't wait for Quinn to give birth
Girls watching glee season 1 finale I can't wait for Quinn to give birth
RT @PLLTVSeries: OMG. Tomorrow’s #PrettyLittleLiars will feature the most spectacular death we’ve had… Find out more from @EW: