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I hope fats and smalls headline glasto next year
RT @MTVUK: What happens when you have a panic attack at #Glasto? @GemmaAnneStyles talks us through it…
RT @festivalflash: @radiohead to headline @GlastoFest 2017! Download our app for more line up notifications!…
Olmazsa da hiçbir zaman olmayacak çünkü bence glasto artık yapılmayacak, yer bulunamadı diyerek sonlanacak 😳
I had a dream Beyoncé kissed me on stage at glasto and winked at me, sideways, cos she's a reptilian.
@Chenchita_Luna @GlastoFest @radiohead ir a Glasto sería un sueño hecho realidad
Giving the other half a Radiohead education pre Glasto
@bastilledan it was lovely to meet you tonight, you truly were the best gig at Glasto for me! Non of my friends believed it was you 😩
Watched Adele at Glasto n the crowd was loud as shit lmao!
RT @bbcintroducing: Bursting with pride. Tonight the @Viola_Beach boys' music made it to the greatest stage of them all
@lottiebailey_ yeah depends on glasto resale tbf but sound
RT @PeteHelm: Q) Who was most hype about getting Glasto ticks yet slept instead? A) @ChrisSleep3 B) @ChrisSleep3 C) @ChrisSleep3 Answers on a postcard
RT @HTFMag: Glastonbury Festival announce their Friday headliner! #Glasto #Glastonbury
RT @FelicityMorse: Happy news for sad men as Radiohead confirmed for Glasto
Rihanna and Drake to headline Glasto together
RT @SundayBrunchC4: Radiohead are confirmed as first headliners for Glasto! 🎉
RT @1alexcam: When Arctic Monkeys played 'do i wanna know?' at #Glastonbury '13🔥😎 #TUNE #Glasto #Banger #Hit #Glasto2017 #festival
RT @BabyshambIes: Who needs daft punk at glasto man
RT @Tonygardner: From the Glastonbury webcam this morning, front of pyramid stage. Definitely the #radiohead logo! #glasto
missing glasto and the flops and my friends so much tonight
RT @0de_to_Vicer0y: Fucking Radiohead headlining Glasto as if 2016 couldn't get any worse