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RT @dakotajohnsonbr: “Eu e minha bela Dakota.... ❤️❤️❤️” - Melanie via IG. #DakotaJohnson
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RT @lesleygoynes: So this girl I volunteer with showed me this video last week of her leg giving out during a HS dive competition and…
RT @jes_chastain: Is this the guy who was RAPING an unconscious girl? Who ran after being discovered by 2 students who chased him dow…
RT @lowkeylean: I think I’m starting to understand girls calling another girl bitch =probably friends calling another girl sweetie =definitely not friends
RT @purelyfinn: Here we have: mr steal your girl, mr steal your wife, mr steal your kids & mr steal your cat.
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RT @MAGAUSATX: BREAKING: 13-year-old girl who ran away to meet man in Mexico has been found safe (Via KVUE NEWS)
RT @r_little_finger: "If white children had abused a black toddler like this it would have been world news, but as the white girl was th…
Y en el biofilm del mes "Melanie, the girl with all the gifts" o como Ophiocordyceps unilateralis nos convierte en…
RT @chuuzus: I miss her. Melanie Fiona girl where are u? I need more gems like this.
RT @zornitsaxx: เด็กหญิงอายุ 10 ขวบ ฆ่าตัวตายโดยการแขวนคอกับตู้เสื้อในบ้าน เพราะโดน Bully หลังจากคลิปที่ตัวเองโดนรังแกถูกโพสต์ลงในโ…
I'm a shoe girl. -Melanie Fiona
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@BallCoachJoeMo Can’t wait to see what you have in plan for a great team. Sending good vibes from New Braunfels Tex…
@karintyack1 Absolutely me too! But a girl can't help but notice.... 😉😁
RT @ShaylaJRay: I swear life is UNFAIR! RIP baby girl
It’s official I have a girl crush on @yelyahwilliams
RT @abbycgeorge: u wanna fuck your girl raw???? Text BC to 22422 to sign the petition to help save our birth control!!!!!
RT @fvckmira: i love seeing niggas geeked over they girl, shit so rare
RT @vlonemonique: lmao i think i’m the only girl that thinks these ugly af
RT @bombshellslvt: melanie came to the conclusion that my banana (healthy thing) cancels out my 2 tacos (unhealthy things) bc pemdas.…
melanie came to the conclusion that my banana (healthy thing) cancels out my 2 tacos (unhealthy things) bc pemdas.…
RT @preaching: be a pretty girl with a pretty heart