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RT @aus_business: Gina Rinehart wants to introduce a 'National Agricultural Day' #GlobalFoodForum
RT @aus_business: Gina Rinehart says Canberra should push ahead with corporate tax cuts to increase business investment #globalfoodforum
@LisaEstela 😭😭 I just block anyone who annoys me lol but what really gets me is gross guys who post dirty pics all day everyday I cringeeeee
Amazing wala koy charger. Mao jd ni gina ingon nga magpapalit nakog new phone.
RT @MatsumotoMiyako: 松本都 一生懸命ブログ更新したよ!『アイスリボン後楽園ホール!崖のふち教vsオレ教』 #松本都 #女子プロレス #iceribbon #アイスリボン #大槻ケンヂ #ジャガー横田 #葛西純 #ハードコア #prowrestling
RT @EthanDolan: My feet smell like vinegar
Turning the page is the only way to get to the next chapter 📄
RT @MagconBRA: Gina, mãe do Cameron, via Instagram
RT @GustavoRugeles: Si @PGN_COL le formula cargos a @CeciAlvarezC y cita a @ginaparody como sucederá hay que recordar que Gina fue una…
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RT @IAMMILHIST: Thank you 1st Sgt Gina Aceves for your service to our nation. @MinorityWVets @USArmy…
RT @Bellightwood: Bob is really to physically fight anyone who says echo is better than Gina
RT @Hogwarts_Existe: Hoje é aniversário de 57 anos de Tiago Potter, e também aniversário de Adrian Rawlings, ator que interpreta Tiago a…
Yo y mi mala costumbre de quererte besar cuando no estás.
RT @Namju970129: 빅히트 이 커밍쑨이 신인 이런게 아니라 사옥이였어..? 드디어 사옥을..와 진짜 감격스럽고 느낌 완전 색다르다...
Last Daze editor Gina Lawson with the Unite fanzine jacket 88'
@PeanutButterGmr @united Lol, obvs you have never flown Frontier.
RT @escalon62: New Millwork DHSandy@6947/Ceres getting her first HDE and lead partnership PK! WelcomeSandy!#Makingleadshappen#WDHDE
RT @SyngentaANZ: "Farmers need to embrace & rapidly adopt new technology" Gina Rinehart tells #GlobalFoodForum in Melbourne #ausag