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RT @ChaskaBorek I do not wish to hide my origins,nor do I seek to make it a subject of conversation. I am what I am. -Ryan Giggs MUFC ManUtd
RT @ChaskaBorek GIGGS a genius and I dont think it'll be too long before we're calling him SIR RYAN GIGGS in my opinion. -- WAYNEROONEY MUFC
RT @ChaskaBorek RYAN GIGGS has never been sent off when playing for Manchester United and only once when playing for Wales in 2005. -- MUFC
Ila hatuoni akitoboa bado tutazidi kumuombea! 🙏🙏🙏 #StreetCertified #IAmTheIssue 👌 @ diani…
It's not just the players, it's the culture. Sometimes it's the people a... #RyanGiggs #quotes
RT @nike7tennis: جاك سوك تمكن من تحقيق لقبه الثاني بعد الفوز علي جووا سوزا في نهائي أوكلاند بنتيجة 3/6 7/5 3/6
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Giggs - Lock Doh feat. Donae'o (Official Video)
United legend Ryan Giggs believes striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has the same aura about him as another Old Trafford favourite Eric Cantona.
United legend Ryan Giggs believes Sweden striker Zlatan, 35, has the same "aura" about him as another Old Trafford favourite - Eric Cantona.
Whippin Excursion | Giggs
RT @ClassicJamsUK: Killa Ki feat. Giggs - Black Gang (2009)
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Gemma Atkinson 'spotted Flirting' With Ryan Giggs … : .,
RT @Tomoapprentice: Footsie Ft Giggs - Hot Water (Music Video) @Footsie | Link Up TV
RT @ManUtd: Happy birthday to a true #MUFC and football legend, Ryan Giggs! 🎉
RT @dmf180593: Lethal Bizzle feat. Giggs & Flowdan - Round Here [Music Video] | GRM Daily via @YouTube
RT @MommaGumbo: When one brand doesn't do your colour but all the other 6828 do
RT @Parker9_: Cancer patient thanks Obama and the ACA for saving his life, right to Paul Ryan's face. #SaveACA #RyanTownHall
RT @proudsIytherin: idc if mulan was a girl, it doesnt change the fact shang thought she was a guy most of the movie & was still attrac…