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RT @caleb_matsen12: I'm ready for summer school needs to end 👎🏻
RT @babyxxkim: Late night reasons to take me to prom: I'll switch it up for ya. Just tell me how you like it. (Slightly differen…
@xxlovegabby 😂😂😂 Happy birthday Gibby
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@CeciliaTaiane1 Será que não é da sua maquiagem que deixou seus olhos irritados?
15 shades of gibby
Emily Ratajkowski played Gibby's girlfriend on iCarly people forget that
@matheus_gibby meu olho direto tá doendo antes eu nem conseguia abri ele agora eu consigo mas até quando eu pisco dói, não sei porque
@E_Gibby it's good to be back
Did I ever mention @jamescharles noticed my stupid comment on YouTube?? 😂😂💀
@E_Gibby lmaooo..... I've been typing up a research paper during this whole venting session
@E_Gibby lol, this isn't even an argument because all of your points are valid and I agree with most of them
RT @Habitat3UN: RT @Joanclos: Investing in good urbanization is guarantee of prosperity/development in developing countries #NewUrbanAgenda #NUA
@E_Gibby this mess wasn't so big that it would take. 3 years to build a foundation
@E_Gibby Couldn't agree more........He had talented pieces coming in, he let JW3 inexplicably slip away
@tom_tom573 I'm good at wasting good thoughts lol
@tom_tom573 I don't think defending Kim. I think you want him to work. We all did. We're getting a new coach. No sense in us arguing.
@E_Gibby I honest to God have no idea how I'm still defending Kim at this point , I thought I was done with him for good after the UF game