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[Music] Joe EL – Do Good (Prod. By Solshyne)
RT @LOoOoKA123: خبوٱ علاقتكم زى مٱتكون حاجه غاليه جدٱا ومتتعوضتش خبوهآ عن عيون ٱلناس عشٱن تكمل علي خير 😌✋ #خبوهٱ_بجد 💔
[Music] Joe EL – Do Good (Prod. By Solshyne) #TURNUP #MAY3RD #YUNGTIZ bb:33101f87
So Donald and Clinton will be evaluated by totally different standards … Only she has to make actual proposals. … @Morning_Joe
[Music] Joe EL – Do Good (Prod. By Solshyne)
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RT @LOoOoKA123: لمٱا يجيلك ٱبتلاء ويكشف كل ٱلـ حواليك مٱكنتش صدفه والله 😉👌
Musings Of An Average Joe: NFL Coward Kaepernick Should Have Taken A Stand On Something That's Not So 'Safe'
Johnny Cash & Joe Strummer - Redemption Song
@ibiru_joe 好きですカントリーマアムのココア味買ってきてください
RT @edgyyeji: joe: "but he's a nice guy" nick: "he really is" demi: "well why don't YOU go date him then"
@Morning_Joe I'm not going to vote for hilary or tRump, but your bias, & Fox's is the reason less than 1/3 of people trust the media! SCUM!
@sasarurun 3-5と5-3どっちがマシ?
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RT @brownsugar7878: @Morning_Joe AA will never forget that #racisttrump demanded that Prez Obama produce BC, passport records, college application & transcripts
RT @zany1011: @Morning_Joe @morningmika #Birther really @realDonaldTrump #Hillary numbers are dropping faster then Bills pants at an Arkansas trailer park
RT @LOoOoKA123: يقول عُمر بن الخطاب رضى الله عنه :👇 "لو عرضت الاقدار على الانسان ,لـ اختار القدر الذى اختاره الله له" ❤✋
RT @stefsstuff: .@BillKristol considers trump's visit to Mexico to speak w/President,a success.This is how twisted our politics have become.@Morning_Joe
I know what Joe meant but he likes to josh about lol he is correct though 😂😂😂😂👊🏽
Family's grief after teen died days after getting exam results