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@Joe_Coffey yep but I wish you were on RAW too
Somali refugee in U.S. learns fate for attempted sexual assault #TCOT #WakeUpAmerica
my whole life I've been calling Vince & Joe's "Vincent Joe's" ..🤐
These @joe_keery / @dominos commercials are 👌🏻 🍕 🍕🍕
RT @ItsGreysHumor: joe's bar will always remain an iconic part of grey's anatomy
RT @ItsGreysHumor: joe's bar will always remain an iconic part of grey's anatomy
RT @chelseahandler: Joe Biden says he could have won the election and regrets not running. Trump says he could have lost the election and regrets running.
@joe_vidaurri_05 put me on Tory lanez everybody so thank him I guess
@CNN 😡😡😡 Thanks Joe!
RT @CNN: Joe Biden said he believes he could have won if he ran for president in 2016
RT @Zarzoza02: Joe Peña from Holy Cross breaks the record with 1,025
#رسالة_شكر_من_أهالي_الأحساء_لعائلة_الجبر ليس من باب التفاخر و لكن من باب شكر المنعم هم أهل خير على الاحساء
Every time I think about making eye contact with Billie Joe for an entire verse of Still Breathing I start crying
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa - Scared To Be Lonely (Joe Mason Remix)
the only reason to watch is for the parts where they critique Joe Maddon's Game 7 foolishness
@PonchoYezka que te inspiro a Componer #SóloMeBasta ? Alguien en Particular y Especial a Quien se la Dediques ?😊 #EntrevistaAPoncho 😆
RT @arwendell: I'm screaming josie doesn't know what foot mask she has on her feet WHAT IF HER FEET PEEL OFF
RT @JayS2629: A crack in the wall: Joe Manchin reportedly will defy Dem filibuster, vote for cloture on Gorsuch
RT @BIackPplVids: I'm convinced that Lonzo is the parent and LaVar is the kid lmfao
@CNN hands down ! Poppa Joe would have been good for the country at this time, and I am a republican. Trump is not my president