Getting Engaged

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Some of my mates are getting engaged already
Niggas Wanna Lie about getting Engaged 😂😩
All my friends are getting engaged and married and having babies and I'm just waiting for my next episode of Hannah Montana to load
My highschool bff is getting engaged this month. Oh I'm so happy for her!
Everyone getting married and engaged and I'm over here like 😒🙄
And getting engaged 🙃
When everyone is getting engaged, married or booking long haul holidays and you're too poor to buy food, are fat and in a mountain of debt
RT @Dhatt_Ruthless: Everyone having kids and getting engaged and I'm just like "I need a nap"
RT @enews: Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid may be fOoLs fOr EaChOtHeR, but are they getting engaged? Your full couples update now on…
RT @jordybugggg: everyone is getting engaged and having babies and I'm sitting here eating my sandwich watching @ScreamQueens
RT @mayginturner: When your friends are all out getting engaged and you're sitting at home, eating doughnuts and crying over an episode of Criminal Minds🙃
So either due to lack of time or lack of courage, she never came out to them, therefore never telling them she was engaged and getting 26/?
Looking at all these Arabi girls getting engaged and settling down with someone makes me wonder if my time will ever come 😭
Everyone's getting engaged and married and starting families meanwhile I'm just trying to build my prerunner and start on my street car
@OurWatchCEO @OurWatchAus @TraceySpicer @newscomauHQ In 1979, I was fired from my job for getting engaged. No discrimination laws then.
Everyone's getting engaged and married and starting families meanwhile I'm just trying to build my prerunner and start on my street car
Update : Virat has ended rumours of getting engaged with Anushka. He said they a…
@BBCBenThompson @BBCBreakfast @BBCBusiness Why is Nick Clegg's wife getting a platform? She's not been engaged by the UK or the EU to act?
@Abdiel_Bernier ummm did you not watch the show on Monday?? Duhh I got a rose... on my way to getting engaged💍🌹
RT @imVkohli: " we aren't getting engaged & if we were going to,we wouldn't hide it. Simple... (1/2)
@ambraliew is it because you see more friends getting engaged/married that's why you're considering to get married earlier?
and like u see ppl graduating high school or being accepted into med school or getting a new job or getting engaged it's cool i like it
RT @kaonashidan: dan dictionary: storage means "buying a new house" life stuff means "going to japan and getting engaged then getting a dog"