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When you turn your wrapping paper upside-down, Christmas gets even more exciting! OH OH OH!
@augeia It gets even more fun since Americans measure solids in volume and the rest of the world in mass
@m0naLisa9 thus she gets even more mad 😂
@sowfeeyuhh lol you made it sound like you seen it all but it gets even more crazy I've seen it over twice already it's just so good
Fuck big @eriksviat gets even more interesting
I liked a @YouTube video from @ShinjeScraw Oh My React : Youtube Responded, But It Gets Even More Confusing...
Oh My React : Youtube Responded, But It Gets Even More Confusing... - Philip DeFranco
@JubalBarca @MariusHollenga @ThijsWhoa yep, Albania gets even more confusing for lots of people because it's less known (Caucasus one).
festive season gets even more mundane and depressing each year
@mayrac_21 I made it sound angry so she gets even more mad 😂😂😂😂
nervous than chika was by a lot while chika is FURIOUS and gets even more annoyed because riko is getting along too well with her mom
I really hate christmas my family gets even more annoying i can't stand all of them
@KrisinAL @MMFlint @Salon LOL, the results are very predictable, top 1% gets even more wealth, the rest of us are screwed!!
@makemeurpet He blushes and rubs her back as he gets even more comfortable "Do you mean that~?"
RT @CountryRebelCo: It gets even more hysterical with each verse!
RT @tarastrong: And then it gets even more fun...
Let me take my ass to bed before the TL gets even more filthy
@bufudyne it gets even more egregious if you look at its development timeline after rebranding...
Personal Trainer Mia Li Gets Even More Personal With Sarah - #freeporn
@__wash_ like as soon as you think it could get more hipster it gets even more with a dread head white girl
RT @NO_BOOT_DEVICE: In response to me showing Vinnie Omari is racist, Vinnie Omari gets even more racist. Some high level thinking rig…
@pattonoswalt Last line gets even more interesting recalling that the Charcot shower remained widely in use in punitive Soviet psychiatry.
Unlike wine Newt gets even more repugnant with age.