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I knw I will never get 300 rts 😂😂 but I will #NeverGiveUp So m I getting 😝
@Rachael_Swindon @Mylegalforum MEPs get €300 a day (tax free) in cash for every day they attend parliament. So Nuttall isn't money motivated
@_Fadess what made you start uploading to youtube in the first place? did you ever think that you would get 300
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@Hjerpseth Yup, competitive is become huge. Leaving us in the skilling community struggling to get 300 views after months of work.
.@tvlr @Dentistry Yes, his PR agency get £300,000 for getting people like @Dentistry to publish bluster, intimidation and misinformation
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@Tracypinkmoon @MoveOn You could get 300 million signatures on that and there would still be no investigation without evidence to warrant.
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Just a PSA for everybody on Twitter if I wasn't banned from IG all these selfies would get 300+ likes in one hour so get.. on it.. 🙄👍👍👌
I love how the tab show you people are getting thousand dollar bets on I struggle to get $300 on#joke
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Lmao couldn't even get 300 retweets.
@ShineOnSVT wow u got so many hearts haha i can only get 300++ max and then finish all of it to svt
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What am I not doing to get 300+ likes lol
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