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@adamferrier @ALDIAustralia @smh @madeleineheff The German made #Aldi cornflakes are the worst. I hope that improves in the future.
RT @GermanAtPompey: Different words for playing football in German-speaking countries (via 'Atlas zur deutschen Alltagssprache')…
#real german porn wwwwhitegirlsfuckingblackmens
Jet Airways plane loses contact with ATC over German airspace - :
RT @real_armenia: German MP:“For many Azeris, democratic #ArtsakhRef17 is exmple of opportunities that they'll never have under”Aliyev
The Audi Q2 has won gold for Excellent Product Design in The German Design Award Competiti…
RT @MFFahmy11: German prosecutor isues arrest warrant of ISIS commander for sexual enslavement of Yazidi women-Thanks to Amal Clooney work with Nadia Murad
02-21 LUBAN, POLAND - APRIL 25: Members of the elite German... #lesnapodlaska
Na culture shock akong tito kay ni bless ko I forgot nga German siya lolzzzz sorry Filipino culture got me
RT @Dannysss_: Berhati hati adolf hitler leader puak nazi german masih hidup dalam penyamaran di johor. Tolong viralkan.
@LauritaApplez @Alex_Verbeek i,lived in helmstadt ,and wurzburg, 😉my family is German born,i was military
RT @RT_com: German Air Force intercepts unresponsive jet in dramatic footage
RT @DinkoEror: My newest blog in German. English version as always following soon. Wo ist das Gaspedal? @viermac
The problem the German press faces on a daily basis.
i know a few words in german/spanish/korean
RT @GermanAtPompey: Different words for 'potato' in the German-speaking countries #TagderMuttersprache
RT @sincerelyjexi: white people: I'm 38% german, 35% swedish, 25% danish, 2% milk me: I'm puerto rican not mexican white people:
Star of postwar German cinema was Soviet spy, declassified files show
Plated bonbon dish, hand-raised in copper. Planishing marks fading to everted rim. Ball feet. Stamped 'WELLNER', a…
RT @FT_SriLanka: “Democracy is sometimes three steps forward, two steps back”: German Envoy #lka #srilanka
Dramatic moment German fighter jets intercept London-bound flight
RT @GERArmyResearch: When going on German battlefield tours with @talesftb you will hosted by the Galland family. Yes THE Galland family…