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RT @CommonWhiteGirI: I really want to be 1 of those people who gets up at 7, goes for a run, & starts my day but I'm more of the wake up at 10 and nap at 2 kind.
I want a golden retriever so bad😍
لا تعاتب أحد على قلة الاهتمام…
Idc what anyone says, Christmas is the happiest/best time of the year🎅🏼
Getöteter Säugling Magdalene Mutter & Vater verurteilt #BadVilbel Von MATTHIAS GERHART @fnp_zeitung Tat Mai 2010
Melissa Shuttleworth Danyelle Gerhart Nicolle Ferguson Meshey Nicole Williamson Amanda Rhoades Emily Steele...
RT @J4CKMULL: In 2017 I just wanna be as happy as this guy
I've never studied harder for anything in my life than I have for the AP Psych final tomorrow - only 1 day of torture (oops! *finals) left!
It's his natural falling motion
I went samtinting Olat
Next week with the family will look a LOT like this :) Judy Quinn Nikki Walkup Beans Kat Walkup
عظيمة الذكرى بقلوب المحبين وأعظم من الذكرى القلوب العظيمة أنت اعتبرت إن الهوى للمجانين وأنا اعتبر جنون الأحباب 'قيمة
#SelfPower by Jeanius...featuring Brooke Gerhart. Produced by Centric. OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO COMING SOON! STAY...
Everything in my life that is good, I ruin.
RT @comedyandtruth: He was tickling her while she had on a face mask and couldn't move 😭😭 why is this so funny
RT @IMPL0RABLE: #TheResistance See @funder for #TrumpLeaks today he's listing Trump's known global businesses and international ti…
The hectic hustle of the holidays may seem extra complicated t... More for Aries
Just posted a photo @ Weihnachtsmarkt Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz
RT @France4Hillary: Bill Clinton: "James Comey cost #Hillary the election." His career needs to end RIGHT NOW! #ComeyResign