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Gerard Butler, estoy enamorada de este hombre
RT @Boogiequn4ever: If a guy can have a beer at the theatre I should be able to bring my vibrator when watching Gerard Butler - just saying
On what... planet is Gerard Butler a tom waits impersonator
50 cent thinks Gerard Butler is really important
Filming Is Underway On Action Thriller 'Den Of Thieves' Starring Gerard Butler And Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson For STX…
RT @50centnewsfeed: DEN OF THIEVES' Movie On The Way @50cent. Gerard Butler
If only there was a website were you could create ur boyfriend x tbh I'd just clone Gerard Butler x
RT @GButler_4ever: 29 DE JANEIRO 2017, ATLANTA - Gerard Butler encontra grupo de fas na churrascaria brasileira "Fogo de Chao":…
RT @iMoviePhrases: «El miedo siempre está presente, pero aceptarlo te hace más fuerte» Gerard Butler en 300
Mom: "Gerard Butler is the perfect male"
Ultimate Man Crush tho is Gerard Butler! ❤️😻
@YorkieWend dont forget gerard butler 😏
@RobertDowneyJr actually I don't know who you are.. I always get you and gerard Butler mixed up.. my fiancé goes mad cos your not alike lol
STYLE-MAN - Gerard Butler usa jaqueta de couro da marca "Matchless", ao sair do restaurante "Sexy Fish", em Londres…
Gerard Butler #1, but I've been watching a lot of Ben Affleck movies lately he's great
@Tdenaranja @PsaDePreslav Ryan Gosling, Gerard Butler, Joshua Jackson, Liam HemsWorth, y Ryan Guzman.
Gerard butler is something else 😍😍😍
@annieedaniels it's so good. Love Gerard butler
@Toddybhoy @Raphael_Gellar @bootbhoy5 the actor gerard butler was hit in the balls? When?
@_pingkeu_ @bb9cg Es que los que me gustan a mí o son muy bebés para ella o son Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Jackmam y Gerard Butler JAJAJA
@RyanRedshirt @nealpolitan in which movie gerard butler is hit in the groin?
De la Gerard Butler la John Cleese, aceste staruri au făcut Dreptul!
@PsaDePreslav 5 son pocos😅 Por orden : Robert Downey Jr, Gerard Butler, Ryan Gosling, Jason Statham, Quim Gutierrez.
I've never find gerard butler sexy and attractive as he is in the Phantom of the Opera.