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RT @realDonaldTrump: Hope you are enjoying your President’s Day, our Country is making unprecedented progress!
Ahh Everybody know say, As I enter yawa don dey.
@Education4Libs @Tazmajick Isn't that a record? Guess she is good for something.
There was that weird goal at the end of the game against Liverpool....wait,, no. That was another team in blue.…
RT @TheJazzSoul: John Coltrane Quartet “Spiritual” Live Stockholm 1963! Elvin Jones McCoy Tyner Jimmy Garrison Album “Afro B…
RT @Education4Libs: President Trump has been working for 2 years & has already created 4 million new jobs. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ha…
@BParry19 @UNLVRebelGrl @WBRUNING24 @AndrewECarrillo Wish there was a love button on the McCoy comment
RT @Cocoa_Bean10: What? The agent said I’m allowed ONE carry-on🤷🏻‍♀️
Smiling is the best reaction in all situation.. Sakaling Maging Tayo | McLisse @mor1019 #DyisIsItManila Tagu-T…
RT @legendarykleo: why did i squint & why was this true ?
RT @dbongino: Andy McCabe STILL cannot produce a reason why they were investigating the Trump team. This is the biggest hoax ever…
Adverse event = negative experience with the healthcare system #QSEA2019
@TheNameClicks 😭😩😩😩💀
@FortuNateShev @IGYB100 Colt McCoy owes everyone $50 for being Colt McCoy
RT @TucoFbaby: I’ll be frustrated at first but then I would say let’s go do momma car too
RT @CoinLook: The Blockcrunch - How Should We Build a Democracy on the Blockchain? '" Chris McCoy (Storecoin)
@McCoy_Vintage 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂💉
RT @l_jlhenry77: @GregNorberg We patriots will stand up and fight for our rights under our American Constitution !!!!!