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RT @sophsjonesy: in 2017 i dont want to be anything but happy 💛💫
Your social interactions are infused with a strong sense of et... More for Aries
Got the keys 😍🔑🏠 now it's time for the hard part 😂 luckily I've got the best friends helping me 💜
@SarahBradd Please follow this link to find out about our Off Peak Tickets - Georgina
@georgina_tech @Dimm1000 Τουκαμες ζημιά του ανθρώπου λεμε....
RT @ghanivoirian: Georgina elle a cru c'était l'émission à son père, elle change les règles, elle veut rester mdr mais #lpdla4
@MartinCollins_M honey while I'm not there again I give you the girl with flowers in her hair to look out for your…
RT @rihanna: Teamed up with Prince Harry & got tested to raise awareness for #WorldAIDSDay. It's so easy to get tested & know yo…
RT @jrcasals: El 6 desembre obrim l' @AjMolinsdeRei . Atendrem consultes i fem campanya de recollida de joguines solidaries!! @ami_cat
Fantastic trobar-li utilitat al dia 6! I si es x ser solidaris encara millor! 👍🏼
RT @fundacioabertis: Creemos en la igualdad de oportunidades y en que la #discapacidad no debería ser una limitación…
My legs are so sore!!!! Bway-1 Georgina-0
RT @TylerPurdey_: If you don't work weekends, you dont realise how lucky you are
When Georgina is Satan #gossipgirl
RT @SashaCAiresse: Goodnight & sweet dreams Tweet♥s @PebbleGreen2 @misswhitemoth @Vampire4me ♥ Happy Saturday 2 Les Cupcakes ♥ Much L…
RT @Twittblaster: You never know your strength until faced with a choice b/twn life & death. Metaphor story ~ race b/twn lion & deer.…
RT @Ghiovanela: Maravilloso paisaje de Finlandia.. 😍
Estaba sentada con Gonzalo y de la nada sale un flash ahi, Y SABEN QUIEN ERA? GEORGINA SACANDONOS FOTOS X SEGUNDA VEZ EN LA NOCHE