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RT @CSLewisDaily: “What draws people to be friends is that they see the same truth. They share it.” #CSLewis
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#VoteLYNETTE for the 500k prize money #BYOBTVShow evicted contestant before midnight today. #VoteBYOB @BLAZEKenya
RT @Ned026: Just received great news. My sponsorship has been approved!! #Australia#melbourne#chefslife
@Izumo_maru フィラデルフィア連銀・製造業調査:6ヶ月先設備投資
A glory hole but for nachos.
Geof just completed the Hairdresser artifact collection!
Geof have completed the 'Find the Figure-Eight Knot' quest!
Geof have completed the 'Explore the scene Vault' quest!
Geof have completed the 'Find the Worker Bee' quest!
Geof have completed the 'Find the Geta' quest!
Geof reached level 63 in Letters from Nowhere: A Hidden Object Mystery.
Geof reached wood skill badge in exploring the Hospital building!
Geof have completed the 'Explore the Laboratory in the 'Reflection' mode' quest!
RT @BuzzComics: Preview de The Shaolin Cowboy: Who'll Stop the Reign? #1 par Geof Darrow et Dave Stewart (@Dragonmnky) chez...
Guy Justin baiser Cade et sucer la bite Geof
Mark und Geof Sexy Homosexuell zu haben ihre gute Zeit
RT @Captain_Y1: ハードボイルド、少林カウボーイなどの超書き込みで知られるジェフ・ダロウのペンシル画集がダークホースより刊行予定
RT @zealotofBW: ダークホースから少林カウボーイ