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RT @Salon: Six million disenfranchised prisoners and ex-convicts deserve a right to vote
RT @Andromodid: Sh*t Just Got Real: Source Leaks Surprise Election Military Drill — DHS Prepping for “No Rule of Law” @LorenceHud
WATCH: Voter Fraud EXPOSED - 18 Million Invalid Registrations and Millions of DEAD Voters...
RT @Morning_Joe: .@mmckinnon: If there's anything that could impact the outcome between now and Election Day, 'it could be Wikileaks'
"Trump has been for Clinton what fresh ingredients are to a chef: something best served unadorned" Brilliant!
@JaneYavis @BronsteinSpeaks I think that Stigall is afraid that his party is going to face HUGE losses come Election Day. #UniteBlue
RT @mitchellvii: LEAKED CLINTON INTERNAL DOCUMENT: Discourage Trump Supporters with Bogus Polls and Declaring Election Over
RT @jfpoisson78: Découvrez la notation des candidats #primairedroite @LiberTPolitique Je suis le candidat de convictions, non libert…
RT @LizMitchellFC: #CharlieRoan is gonna win the election. The other candidate has no brain or soul. (#ElizabethMitchell #ThePurge…
RT @MBKStrategies: I'm waiting on @VanJones68 2016 election mix tape feat "That's a lie!" & "The Trumpty Dumpty". #OldSchoolElection
RT @thehill: Karl Rove: I dont see Trump winning the election
RT @JeromeASF: I know who I'm voting for in the presidential election. In Mario Wii Trust
RT @ChannelMom: This particular #presidential #campaign requires parental guidance. 4 Things I'll Tell My Kids @ChannelMom @1C13P
RT @Franklin_Graham: Let the Christian voice be heard in this election. #Pray and #Vote.
@NateSilver538 BTW I totally expect Trump to disavow a lot of his campaign, and claim it was just an act, after election.
RT @Independent: The Pirate Party is about to take power in Iceland
RT @melimel521: @Morning_Joe @MichaelSteele Dear MSNBC @JoeNBC The election has not happened. Clinton has not won. Stop suppressing votes.
RT @ThePlumLineGS: Clinton turnout operation in Florida is outperforming by various metrics, reports @MarcACaputo:
RT @AdedapoLinda: @docrocktex26 Be an Honor For Texans to defeat #RussiaGOPNominee in this Historical Election #VoteAgainstRussiaDingo
RT @TheOnion: Trump Campaign Training Poll Watchers To Spot Any Suspicious Skin Colors On Election Day
Election CCI Hérault : comment voter ?
RT @RealJamesWoods: This is a crime interfering with free elections. #Clinton is turning this election into a banana republic fiasco.
Scumbag who called the Assad regime criminals 4 +20yrs is now 1 of Assad's biggest allies and future prez of Lebanon
RT @karishmamalhot3: @kareenamalhot10 @kapoornatasha10 @nilanjana_p @poonam_preet yeah she is doing a great job she is very charismatic she must win the election
When the DNC election was so blatantly rigged, one can be forgiven for expecting the presidential election to be ri…