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RT @Dgarza888: RT: 17 US Intel agencies agree Russia hacked US election. New findings by @eosnos of Why, How, and Who are all here…
RT @eosnos: Remember: 17 US intel agencies agree Russia attacked the US election. Our new investigation of why, how, and who:…
'Corbyn lost it': Labour campaigners blame leader for Copeland by-election defeat
RT @ConstanceQueen8: Make France Great Again! Yep, Le Pen Could Actually WIN the French Election
RT @fawfulfan: So, anyone following my updates should know there's a key special election in CT today. Two state senate seats, one state house seat.
RT @rishibagree: This is not the first time when AAP used Martyrs Family to Target Modi Last time they used Vikram Batra's Mother &…
Yes we will listen, we will also turn out now for every election.
RT @riotwomennn: Democrats! All hands on deck! @GregCAVA17 is running for State Senate in Connecticut. Feb. 28th, 2017 is the elect…
RT @BBCWorld: French election 2017: 'Obama for president', 42,000 supporters say
@fiordesi @nypost Dude, Election is over. Time to judge elected officials by actions and words.
RT @USARedOrchestra: Under Sessions' DOJ, by the time the next election comes around u may have to swear loyalty to Trump & GOP to get a…
RT @USARedOrchestra: Under Sessions' DOJ, by the time the next election comes around u may have to swear loyalty to Trump & GOP to get a…
Northern Ireland Assembly election poll and odds: What to expect and who will win?
RT @ALT_DOJ: Tuesday the house judiciary committee votes on NY Rep Jerry Nadler's resolution for investigating trump ties on rus…
@CNNPolitics This is bullshit meant to distract from the fact that this idiot won a rigged election with the help of a hostile foreign power
RT @GrassrootsStein: RT: DrJillStein: Election fraud (by elites) is a real concern. "Voter fraud" is practically nonexistent, a fig leaf for "new Jim Crow" vote…
RT @immigrant4trump: Democrats bringing illegal aliens to Trump's speech on Tuesday, and they still wonder why they lost the election
We should understand our PM is busy in election duty and after this he will be in world tour, God bless us
RT @polNewsNetwork1: Before Election: "You can't rig elections!" After Election: "OMG IT WAS RIGGED!!" #FakeNews
उत्तर प्रदेश चुनाव छठा चरण: भाजपा ने झोंकी पूरी ताकत, रूठे कार्यकर्ताओं को मनाने में जुटा आरएसएस
RT @HDalelnagri: When his own countrymen and students are threatened by saffron terror, he was busy in election campaign. What a Shame #GoonSquadABVP
RT @WOW_VA: #SCOTUS Has Agreed to Hold A Conference On Case Seeking To Nullify 2016 #Election | The Huffington Post
RT @DanielJCamacho: “Perez is the first ever Latino to lead the Democratic party, and I don’t care. ”
@_IMPEACH_TRUMP_ @williamlegate There's no colluding This originated with Dems , Clinton, & Election .Youre repeating lies .No proof .
French Election 2017: 'Obama For President', 42,000 Supporters Say