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That landshark get me everytime
RT @Geminnnid: its still today so it still counts. this one is probably worse quality than the last one but another vampire leo co…
RT @_iivoryy24: You a flunky if you let another nigga opinion change the way you feel bout ya girl.
RT @c_ddawn: do you know how scary it is that people can wake up any day and just decide they don’t love you anymore? when you r…
RT @Real1Ant: Errbody tryna flex on somebody I’m just tryna flex on da old me fr
RT @Iilbaby4PF: it's crazy how one person can make u feel a thousand different ways
RT @EatMyHeartOut_: When you pull a him on him and he gets mad
RT @FIoridaMan: "Since men don’t moan what noise you make during sex" me:
RT @RealJuiceWorldd: FaceTime me when you miss me I love that shit.
I just love listening to kaiden actually talk and see his personality come out😍
@__GeminiD next week probably
hooray for the flash being back it's been so long
@Toxic1_dev @slnstrr wait i think you're right about nitro. my friend made a discord account way later than we did…
@__GeminiD @slnstrr yes most popular bots such as dyno support it. I believes its `userinfo` for dyno
@slnstrr @Toxic1_dev is there a way to check when u made an account if that's the case? cause me and my friends made an account 2015
RT @rceezus: i dont draw my favorite mythical mon enough
“Don’t ever question your strength”- MacMiller