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RT @Gemini_A7: #Gemini would do absolutely anything for the person they love.
Karmin - Didn't Know You (Gemini)
RT @GeminiArea: #Gemini mengejar cinta gebetannya, jika dicuekin akan diam & berhenti mengejar. Giliran gebetannya ngejar balik, Gemini cuek dan jual mahal
RT @GeminiTBH: If a #Gemini sees you're not putting in any effort neither will they.
RT @2_yh4: 教官「車運転する時に気をつける相手は何だと思う?」 僕「黒塗りの高級車」 教官「なに、最近の若者はみんなそれ言うんだけど」
RT @GeminiTBH: When a #Gemini finally decides to move on, it's almost impossible for them to turn back.
#Gemini can get irritated/annoyed very easily, and that's where most of our frustration and anger come from. #GeminiUnited
RT @byeolbitaegi: Gemini for VIXX (0524) and Libra for Starlight (1005)👏👏👏👏 i guess
RT @GeminiTerms: #Gemini can convince you that they are totally fine and a 100% happy when in reality its the complete opposite
RT @GeminiQuotess: #Gemini has multiple personalities and thus, multiple ideas! Brainiacs they are.
RT @karanjohar: I am a Gemini! There are two of me....
@o_____n_____i ありがたや〜〜〜〜🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
RT @TweetRAMALAN: #Gemini adalah pribadi yg moody, tidak mudah cemburu dan setia
もひとつ欲を言うならぜひこれの音源を!!!! このLiveだけとかもったいないー!!
RT @GeminiTBH: It's usually easy for a #Gemini to hide their feelings from you, hiding yours from them may be hard.