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I'm a former Australian 1980s comic writer/artist, I've written a novel titled "A Question of Theories," I was a Twitter volunteer during Australia's February 2009 bushfires and more recently I've been a blogger and video-blogger. Exploring the range of social media. You can find me at,,, as well as

RT @craig_lapsley: Great advice from SES on a wet afternoon & evening. Even I decided not to drive for hours in this weather.#Vicfloods
RT @_Four_Horsemen: Shut Up About Armenians or We'll Hurt Them Again #Erdogan's latest sinister threat. By #ChristopherHitchens, 2010.
I definitely have to look at "Weekend At Bernie's" again #HillarysHealth #Hillarycollapses
RT @scooter0708: Wow @CNN more aggressive than @FoxNews - "Hillary Clinton stumbles -- will her campaign follow?" #HillarysHealth
RT @comicsexplained: #HillarysHealth So let me get this straight: She rolls up in a wheelchair van, passes out and you guys say she's healthy?
RT @MattTopolski: A lot of chatter on social media that the DNC is meeting on a replacement for HRC should she withdraw due to health reasons. #HillarysHealth
Wondering if "Weekend at Bernie's" is topping the video hire charts today... #HillarysHealth #HillaryCollapses
This is Mrs #Erdogollum. She has this weird fascination with harems. Should we think she’s kinky? #Twitterkurds
So is Mrs #Erdogollum still droning on about how Ottoman HAREM was such a wonderful "educational institute?" Why is she so fond of harems?
RT @mfatima77: #TurkeyCoup is being exploited like the Reichstag Fire was. Post-coup vendetta & witch-hunt is paralleled w/ insanity of the Great Purge!
RT @pepperm4n: first decision of AKP thugs who replaced HDP elected mayors: remove Kurdish writings. #BoycottTurkey
So much for Obama downplaying Al-Qaida. Does he get his intell out of a corn flakes packet?
I think time media & political handlers stopped lying about how serious Hillary's health needs are. #Hillaryshealth
"Fainting" isn't the right word...looks more like a seizure. Even a layman can see that. #HillarysHealth
RT @Sarbarzi: A group of Shia militias wait for the clown Abu Azraeel to fire a couple rounds for the camera. No ISIS in sight.
RT @Nrg8000: #Map. The military situation in N #Aleppo Prov. Sep 10th. HD - (9.5mb file)
Conversely, Turkish-backed FSA include ISIS goons who shaved and changed uniforms.
Turkey Purges 11,500 Teachers in Biggest Crackdown on Kurdish Opposition Ever #Twitterkurds