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Since school has finished I’ve just been watching the World Cup games, reading a really good book , listening to al… https://t.co/A66vPazhSs
Whether you are finishing your GCSEs or returning to education, see what we can offer you at our next Open Event on… https://t.co/HQjOKwFLmz
Now all my gcses are over my wishes are: 1. To meet @LadyLeshurr 2. To see @LadyLeshurr in concert. 3. To get g… https://t.co/HZPZdnYksq
If I pass everything I did I could get about 13-14 and a half GCSES lol
@NiamhTheDolphin @JakeGlobox If I included my course work for Welsh Bacc it would be another 3 because I get 3 GCSES from it lol
RT @FAB_Publishing: Dealing with the pressure of #GCSE and #alevels -- @TheEddWilliams on @talkhealth #students #parents https://t.co/lUETX8HPek
When an abuser interferes with a woman or girls employment or education, preventing her from freely applying their… https://t.co/BprfueZ0jL
RT @B_I_Tweets: Spare a thought for those sitting their A-levels and GCSEs this summer. Research shows that pupils sitting exams du… https://t.co/LGqW2FtE3R
RT @ellistaylor30: Gonna miss using ‘sorry I can’t, I’m doing my GCSES’ as an excuse to get out of literally everything. #GCSEs2018
what did you get x to be on the circle theorem question with the angle at the centre and circumference?… https://t.co/ULxt7qDyFE
RT @evie_sturmey: Can’t STAND exams that constantly try to catch you out. I thought GCSEs were meant to test our knowledge not our te… https://t.co/5Yu3IdlaDt
RT @MrGSimpson: Just read @MichaelRosenYes's tweet about norm-referenced tests (https://t.co/iS7WF9vm7c) and #GCSEs and it reminded… https://t.co/ur4ulIFYmb
@fod3 I’ve mentioned to you before I’d love to do it but I just need my daughter to finish her GCSEs
@SallyfromSaar @RonnieChopra1 @AmandeepBhogal Indeed I taught the son of the army General whose son failed all GCSE… https://t.co/ru6mRQRkSU
RT @RealGeoffBarton: “I think a lot of parents have been surprised by how much harder the content is and the sheer number of examination… https://t.co/6BXl4LBsyS
Advice for a decent CV: don’t put anything NCS related on, its worth nothing. Nobody gives a shit about your GCSEs… https://t.co/qmKWhh5obv
@Al_Klein_1 Gosh that has been something. So many have either switched off GCSEs by now or haven't done the add mat… https://t.co/VLBzfYhIhO
RT @Studential: If you are finishing your #GCSEs and still not sure about what you want to do over the next few years, this article… https://t.co/jXu0bFLQdp
I’ve discovered Wump is heading into GCSEs a year earlier than anyone expected. Proud of him, but still a bit worri… https://t.co/ti5MVR1jmT
RT @_Rebeccawright_: Yh finishing GCSEs is all cool until I realised I have absolutely nothing to do with my life rn https://t.co/ZLUHqsszCz
RT @ocrexams: We asked heads of English and Maths in the @WholeEducation network about their strategies for teaching new GCSEs. H… https://t.co/nCaEddQpPt