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Hoy toca desde temprano 🏊🏻 (@ Centro Acuático Olímpico Universitario in San Nicolas de los Garza, Nuevo Leon)
RT @memogarzaa: Rayando El Sol - Memo Garza: a través de @YouTube
If you need a man just to be happy then you craycray🙄
I'm at Holiday Inn Express & Suites - Valle in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo León
@carrot_uni 切ないわ…それは😇動きが微妙に違うもんねぇ…火力もそこまで出ないし切な過ぎる
@Garza_Zol 足りすぎててRFで相方学者になると涙でる(不安で)
RT @TheTumblrPosts: It's me, I'm your future wife
RT @gucci1017: Time to go harder seriously.
RT @Pouyalilpou: fuck off
No tengo sueños de la nada...
@neko_to_niboshi うわぁぁん。゚(゚^ω^゚)゚。
Ya quiero almorzar taquitos
RT @anahilizbeth98: Ya quiero ver "It" 🤡🎈
RT @ItsMeTadashi: GHC: Russ Logo and Lucas Garza Full:
@Garza_Zol せやで? あら、言わんかったかなぁ…
Don’t Try to Do Everything At Once - There are two narratives of women activists in this political moment. In o...
RT @arbor_phillips: Fully dressed with all his equipment, this firefighter is climbing 110 stories tonight in remembrance.…
RT @umadori0726: 【FF14】ギミック処理に忙しく難しいせいかオメガ零式でバリアヒーラーが足りない状況に…、学者・占星術師さんきてくれー! :馬鳥速報 : #FF14
RT @ItsMeTadashi: GHC: Russ Logo and Lucas Garza Full: