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@Cornelio756 Si tendría que comprar las entradas,y compre las de Noel, necesito de amigo a la Garza sosa
@RazerES Necesitaría probar pero creo que táctical Pro jejeje
But damn I've hidden that shit long enough. I can't stop how I feel.
I feel like a fool now
Oh hell, he saw it. I'm disappearing.
I've hidden it long enough.
I can't help it though. I feel what I feel.
Damn and i messaged him I had feelings. I probably fucked everything up.
@libia_garza Que sea un día sensacional lleno de energía para que logres todas tus metas
Nunca había sentido ese dolor de tener una clase a las 7AM
Antonio Garza is my spirit animal
I liked a @YouTube video antonio garza shading beauty guru's for 1 minute straight
RT @ThomasBeautyy: i’ve been sayin this for awhile but i think it’s time for new less exhausting people in the beauty world. we need p…
RT @uglyygoddesss: I don’t understand how people can hate country music
@Montel_Williams @realDonaldTrump Very dangerous is how you supported HRC, Dr. Montel Williams. Please tell us what your real agenda is?
I liked a @YouTube video Gabriel Da Truth Garza - ROSE
RT @VancityReynolds: Off the top of my head? I dunno. If heaven and laughter made a baby while watching Titanic. But wetter.
RT @IowaHoops: Luka Garza is one of two #Hawkeyes to total 400 points and 200 rebounds as a freshman (Jess Settles).