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I want to get married. I want to have a family. I want to have that kind of love in my life.
I just wish I had someone to come home to. Someone I can hold and love every day.
I've always walked alone through this hell. Nobody has been in my shoes so nobody will ever fully understand my story.
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But I know it won't ever work that way. I know I got to be the strong one for myself.
La antigua revista de bolsillo Libro Azul, era el decálogo del Panista, y lo financiaba discretamente y circulaba e…
We're all broken and I can only do so much to help others. I need someone to help me too at times.
All I want is to find someone who understands me.
It gets old being the strong one for everyone else.
Because I'm the one always trying to lift everyone up but at times I need someone to do the same for me.
Sometimes I just want to be held by someone who cares and reminds me that they're here for me.
I just don't know how to heal from the pain. I don't know how to overcome this alone anymore.
RT @jamescharles: it’s so rude that I don’t have a boyfriend honestly
But the alone feeling in my heart never goes away.
I'm not saying I have nobody who cares about me because I have many friends who are protective and are there for me.
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It's hard to push through at times when you feel so alone.
That's why nobody gets me. Everyone expects me to go out of my way for them, but who's here for me?!?!
But because of my good heart I care too much.
You know who else is great? Water - Jaune "Gonzales De La Garza" Arc
It's only about him and he don't give a shit what I'm dealing with. That's why I stopped trying with him.
I wish I had my family to be there for me. My dad don't know anything that's going on, but all he is concern about…
@chrissyteigen How can I get a signed book over here in the Philippines? #IWantOne #NoINeedOne
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