Gary Coleman died

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People, that was a line from the movie AIRPLANE. I know Gary Coleman died IRL :(...
Jesus Christ. Gary Coleman died.
One time I told my mom Gary Coleman died and she told me "I don't give a fuck does he pay my bills " ...
is it cuz gary coleman died?? cuz bernie mac died too
@Ren_Devine no but Gary Coleman would. (If he hadn't died of death)
Gary Coleman died for our sins
Today, David Chappelle is exactly as old as Gary Coleman was the day he died: 15,450 days @DaveChappelle
So this year I found out Gary Coleman and Michael Clarke Duncan died and there's a new school called Westwood. What a time.
@tiara2000 😂😂😂😂😂😂 no that was not him. Gary Coleman played on different strokes & died in 2010.
@drphilDONTEhue I didn't know Gary Coleman died either 😕
@_SailorKhandi_ I just feel so lost in the world. I just recently found out Gary Coleman died smh
Remember when Gary Coleman died and they said this was his casket?
@BalconyKristian "Gary Coleman just died, life is short"? Lol
Gary Coleman just died man life is short