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@kirstywadd3j @Gareth_Gates @mariaw81 Thank goodness you are doing panto this year. That's @kirstywadd3j birthday s…
@Gareth_Gates @mariaw81 Brilliant made me happy too hope I can go xx
@Gareth_Gates @mariaw81 Oooh hope I can bring Aiden to see you!!!! Xx
@lillyc0403 @AllaboutDee @Gareth_Gates 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
@GarethGates_ @Gareth_Gates Me, I sure will 😀can’t back out now Gareth, here’s the evidence x
Anyone want to come for dinner. @Gareth_Gates is paying 😂
@lillyc0403 @Gareth_Gates Glad to see you back on here hun, hope ur ok x
@lillyc0403 @Gareth_Gates It’s got to be a mistake surely, hugs xxx
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Es läuft Unchained Melody von Gareth Gates
@Gareth_Gates @mariaw81 This is great news Gareth really hope I can get to this one or anyone of your gigs for that matter☺❤❤xxx
Gareth Gates: That's When You Know via @YouTube
@Gareth_Gates @mariaw81 So happy to hear this, cannot wait 🙂
@Gareth_Gates I don’t really understand these charts I’m hopeless lol but looks like you made a good amount of mone…
@Gareth_Gates @mariaw81 Yes this had made me day 😁xx
@Gareth_Gates can't wait to find out when and where the pantomime is this year!!!
@FatesAcademy @Gareth_Gates Love it so Gareth 😂😂😂😂