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@Gareth_Gates happy valentines day! Hope you are enjoying the cruise!
. <⌒/ヽ-、__ /<_/____/  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ <⌒/ヽ-、__ /<_/____/  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ∧_∧ (・o・)"Katie Price took _| ⊃…
@Faye_Brookes @Gareth_Gates Have a Wonderful #ValentineDay Together now Your Engaged Sending all my Best to you Bot…
nowplaying dance clubbing soul RnB Sunshine by Gareth Gates on
Estás escuchando "Say It Isn't So" by Gareth Gates /// Onda Horizonte FM 94.1 at
on #ReqPlaying ~ @Gareth_Gates - Say it is'nt so >>> @MBsing - A love so beautiful #Sweetmemory
@Twitter Gareth Gates 😂😂😂
@Gareth_Gates having a little fan girl moment now that I've found out you'll be on our cruise in August #kidcrush #Britannia
@AlanAlrob62 That's a valentines serenade I sent for you Alan, are you not impressed? Sorry but I couldn't even afford Gareth Gates 😔
RT @chlo_vert: You wanna know what’s God tier? Gareth Gates
Hope Faye and Gareth have the best Valentine’s Day 💞💞💞 @Faye_Brookes @Gareth_Gates
You wanna know what’s God tier? Gareth Gates
Omg no I’m lying. Gareth motherfucking Gates. Droom man
@ChelseaJG_x @MUFCGump Gareth Gates? You heathen you
Nueva favorita: Gareth Gates / Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake) @DeezerLATAM
Gareth Gates - With you all the time
Gareth Gates playing Anyone Of Us on Radio 90 Hit , listen here ->
@smith_gareth @Sam_DH_MCFC @mark_hooper95 @Kimbanor 75000 yeah? Bloody hell that's a lot... In all seriousness, ar…
I was pretty god damn obsessed with @Gareth_Gates.
Make note to Lynn... we take Gareth Gates & put him in a right ole cockney boozer - possibly the Queen Vic - with m…