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@tontonman3 使ってますよ!これベースもギターもドラム(カオシレーター)もirigとmacのgarage bandってアプリで録音しました!
Chris Smith on #RonMiscavige: “Ron was a guy who was kind of like a garage band trumpet player”…
【Logic Pro/GarageBand】 歌声エディタ「Piapro Studio」mac対応、LogicやGarage Bandにも連動! #LogicPro
@WipeHomophobia @JammyBitch_ Turquoise Toffee. Sounds like a 60s garage band.
I really wanted to be in a garage band when I was a kid. Always seemed so cool lol
RT @namy_official: 先日、Garage Bandを使って自分で初めて作ってみた曲名は Afro Heater. 実家のストーブの音をいれたり。 迷いながらも、試行錯誤して、つくる過程が楽しかった。
わかる人はわかると思うけどメイドラゴンのOPってGarage Bandで作ってるよね
RT @golf_Music: 来週水曜日はGARAGEでgolfやります! 3/22(wed) TOTTEOKI golf / imai (group_inou) / KONCOS "T.O.A" AD BAND THENX
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Franklin are a high-energy garage rock band ready to set the world alight, says @kyliemccormick
Garage band for iOS sucks
Basically learned most of garage band making that shit
RT @JohnnySings: garage band kids always stick together!! thanks again @gwenstefani ! soo proud to be reppin #teamgwen @NBCTheVoice
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RT @jidori_shonan: 3.23(木)@Yokohama 7thAVENUE JIDORI BANDでの参加になります。 live DR. EGGS(from HONG KONG)/ V.I.P.E.R.S. (ヴァイパーズ)/Garage/ 砂漠、爆発…
来週水曜日はGARAGEでgolfやります! 3/22(wed) TOTTEOKI golf / imai (group_inou) / KONCOS "T.O.A" AD BAND THENX
We've been writing a Macbeth rap today - we can't wait to use Garage Band to create the final piece tomorrow…
@rwagnerful @93XRT Or it could be that famous garage band, Toilet Cash
@MarySheep Hier spielt das Baby sehr engagiert auf dem Schlagzeug bei Garage Band auf dem iPad! Römmsrömmsrömms!🥁
Gostei de um vídeo do @YouTube de @TheGamesnewsBR Como criar uma música no Garage Band (iPad,iPhone,Mac)
The latest Independent Minded podcast features Brooklyn garage rock band The Boobies.
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