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@Smooth_Orator I am so ready it is ridiculous. Ive been to Gamestop just listlessly walking around. Lmao.
RT @PD2Crimewave: Lucille got a work out tonight on #TWD! Wasn't enough for you? Swing for the fences in Payday 2: The Big Score!…
Sometimes I feel like I would be a perfect old gen. Only tourneys I went to was GameStop tourneys that hosted brawl for cool little prizes.
@gameranx because it's a crap store who try's to rob you. Much like you're GameStop 😂
RT @GameStop: Only a week left for a chance to win the #GearsofWar4 Ultimate fan package
RT @ToanEnadiz: Just pre-ordered the english version of BB. Used the remnants of the fake money my last job gave me to get some gamestop cards.
Got an interview at gamestop this Thursday so excited
@GameStop is there going to be a midnight release for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 in Mountain View, California?
Gamestop: $1.48 Funko POP! Peanuts! ($7.14 Value) #coupons #couponing
Gamestop let's you take home games for free to play 😩❤️❤️
@TWDGameNews @telltalegames I saw that A New Frontier is available for pre-order on #Gamestop, their site says it's available on November 15
RT @GameStop: Free 3-month #XboxLive Subscription with purchase of any new #XboxOneS console through 10/29
@GabrielMobius @Mistr_ID Odd, I never had any trouble finding them at Gamestop. >.>
@charlieINTEL Do we still get the extra keys and salvage if we bought the $120 edition that has the season pass from Gamestop?
RT @Larkinator71: Niggas really at GameStop tho..
@KarleeLeilani awww lol i will by buy my 89.99 dollars pre order of @DragonballXV_ xeroverse 2 at gamestop tomorrow
Hit up one of my boys that works at GameStop to see if he could help me get in there. Fingers crossed.