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I wonder how upset Armando Gallaraga gets whenever a replay is conducted...
@GeoffMags5490 game is fine the way it was, baseball is just pandering. With the exception of Armando Gallaraga, i love human error aspect
@mjc62278 I was expecting an Andres Gallaraga video
@LukasRepetti @Bharper3407 Armando Gallaraga will never forgive me
Crazy to think up until a few years ago all baseball decisions where made in a split second no replays #gallaraga #detroitneverforgets
@SRes713 stop saying blown like its Jim Joyce and Armando Gallaraga, this is close. If it's debatable with that much replay it's not blown
Will Clark, Matt Reynolds, J.T. Snow, Andres Gallaraga ain't walking through that door
@TheRealShinny I'm sure gallaraga would've loved replay a few years ago.
@richardgreene2 Martinez starting,I hope. Gallaraga cleanup.
watching this replay is like watching the exact opposite of the armando gallaraga jim joyce shitshow
Just looking at this picture of Gallaraga is pissing me off 😂
@msollitto6 Thanks man! Andres Gallaraga is also here. He apologizes for the remotes he caused to be broken.
@UghhhAsifff I should have learned my lesson after Fred McGriff, David Justice, Andres Gallaraga, etc., but do I? Nope! LOL
@TepidP @homeruntrots I will always credit gallaraga with a perfect game
2007. I liked Armando Gallaraga, a reliever named Danny Herrera & a 3B who hit 12 bombos in 30G named Chris Davis.
@imWhyFyy Gallaraga didn't really care tho so him and Joyce just hugged the day after
@imWhyFyy Do you know about the Armando Gallaraga should've been perfect game?
@MLB @MattyMoe55 "oh please..." -Armando Gallaraga
@Evan_P_Grant gallaraga and caminati. Sure I misspelled both.
@UghhhAsifff Oh, mercy! Makes me miss Chipper, David, Fred, Javy, Andres Gallaraga, Smoltzy, Tom Glavine! :(
@sampayment that hand symbol is actually from battlestain gallaraga idiot
Benny's latest SCP hits: Bowman Draft Brendan Rodgers, Benintendi Autos & a 2015 Topps Signature Gallaraga /10 Auto!
Don't get me wrong, 2019 looks promising for the Braves. Maybe by then we can have Chipper, Smoltz, Maddux and Gallaraga holograms playing.