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@b000ble this is worse than the time I killed Gaines Adams
Julius Peppers is a beast, man. I don't know how many pounds he outweighs me by... I still try #GainesAdams #quotes
RT @TTGrafx: 93 days until kickoff! Take a minute tonight to remember Tiger great Gaines Adams.#ClemsonFamily #CountdownToKickoff
It's funny, as a little kid, you look up to those guys who you play as in 'Madden,' and now to #GainesAdams #quotes
R.I.P. Gaines Adams
I feel like by me putting on a couple more pounds will help my game tremendously. Putting on 1 #GainesAdams #quotes
@Shaq_Lawson90 Gaines Adams somewhere smiling everytime you play my brother. Yo when you had the one arm against FSU 🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯 #beasty
LmaoRT @joebeez: RIP Gaines Adams
RIP Gaines Adams
@brian_bartell @swarheit yeah... I've been craving a Clemson DE since I freaked out after we drafted Calvin over Gaines Adams #iamsmart
@MacAttackWFNZ Mine are Wearing my Clemson Jersey with Gaines Adams number on it and My Reggie White Jersey for the Panthers. 2 class guys.
@LukeEasterling Haven't we learned to avoid Clemson DE's? (Gaines Adams & Daquan Bowers)