伸ばした手は 閉じた目に 写らなくて 途方に暮れる 射程距離から 随分遠く 滲む 【sailing day】
Gbom & topbom are sailing~
すべては あの日きっと 始まっていた 運命(デスティニー) 僕らは 逃げたりしない 止まることなく 未来を見た 魂(こころ)がリンクしてる 戦う すべての仲間と ♪高橋秀幸/バスターズ レディーゴー!
RT @mrsdakotamayi: Christian sharing his passion of sailing with his love 😩
RT @sailing_news: Wounded veterans use sailing as an outlet - ABC2 News
“Thanks to climate change, a giant cruise ship is charging through the once-unnavigable Northwest Passage…”
.@freobeachcomber on #Periscope: Australia: Windy Day Walking by the Indian Ocean, Fremantle Sailing Club⛵️⛵️
@RolexBigBoat Great first day of racing. Photos from in front of St Francis Yacht Club are here:
@Sailing_LaVaga I could look at pictures of beer all day. ;)
Why when I finally can say to myself "life is sailing smoothly now" that the world likes to fuck with me and test me.
精一杯 運命に抵抗 正解?不正解の判断 自分だけに許された権利 sailing day 舵を取れ 夜明けを待たないで 帆を張った 愚かなドリーマー (sailing day)
Onnistunut asiakasristeily takana. M/S Svanhild oli upea kokemus #sailing #nightsailing @symbiofinland
Christopher Cross - Sailing (video/audio edited & restored) GQ/HD vía @YouTube
A happy born day. I'm grateful for those who have/are sailing with me in journey of life. Be blessed👏 as I share this moment with u
Raindrops form a stream A leaf is sailing away My heart waves goodbye
Christopher Cross - Sailing (video/audio edited & restored) GQ/HD: a través de @YouTube
I liked a @YouTube video Sailing a Mirage - San Blas (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 33
- Super hectic day is beginning at 1:30pm. May it just be a smooth sailing day for me.😬