@T167 7時マザーですよ
RT @KateCommunity: Shoreside events at Sailing Week @SailingWk include Music in the Marina Sat 27th May @MDLOceanVillage…
◦ Holo: National Yacht Club Achievements in 2016 Include Cruising, Offshore, One Design & Dinghy Sailing Success -…
64% auf Gaastra T-Shirt für Damen: Jetzt Gaastra Damen T-Shirt in Lila, Gelb, Grün und Blau für schlappe 17,95€…
Sailing Forceのことをココナッツモールで流れてそうな曲っていうのやめろ
5 Things my Two-Year Sailing Journey Taught Me About Life
RT @gdrluthien: "we're slowly sailing away behind closed eyes where not a single ray of light can puncture through the night"
5 reasons why yacht & sailing clubs should be more active on social media... #yachtclubs
RT @huwiyoungs: TaeHo —Taeyang♡Juho —Rare moments —They look cute together I just noticed —They are sailing you ppl!
RT @huwiyoungs: InDa —Inseong♡Dawon —Invented by Lee Dawon —Dawon said no no to JaeSeong to make InDa happen —You'll just realized…
RT @CraftLins: Sailing through the cloud of morning mists after night parties. Render: @Nati797 @Minecraft @PlanetMinecraft Design…
Sailing on to another sorry shore
RT @ffarrrrrz: "เธอคือคนที่ทำให้ทะเลที่เคยเป็นสีดำ แปรเปลี่ยนเป็นท้องทะเลสีชมพูที่แสนวิเศษ อีกครั้งและอีกครั้ง" - ท่อนหนึ่งใน Sail…
RT @BroadwayWorld: .@OnceIslandBway has announced its dates and will be auditioning for its lead actress in Haiti!…
The Nightengale Tune is getting a tune up w/ some fresh stripes over the #Awlgrip finish. #Sailing
Winter is warming & our Sailing Days will begin soon 🛳 Follow the link to learn more 👉
RT @RT_com: Baikal ice sailing attracts 79 ice sailors from all over the world.
And I... Will go sailing... No more
RT @twicetsb: (Dahyun does aegyo for once) NY: Do this kind of aegyo to me as well!! DAYEON IS SAILING 😭💕
RT @arbaspaa: Sailin along the #CinqueTerre coast...this is the Paradise! Reserve one of our #Azureday
RT @chototherongig: Chomi Ship sailing very well no need to be worried 😍😍share sneakers or couple sneakers😂😂 #chomi
We need a referendum to decide if we need a referendum to have a referendum. All plain sailing then. 😁
RT @Burgundy_Rich: If college taught me anything it was time management. Once I learned how to effectively manage my time, it was smooth sailing #nbs
RT @olympicchannel: Meanwhile in Russia...🇷🇺 Sailing on ice in the deepest freshwater lake - Baikal! 🌊⛵ @worldsailing @Olympic_Russia