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RT @BestOfVarunDvn: s w a g g e r w a l e R A J A 💞 https://t.co/MmcSRmO5nd
□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□ □□■■■□□□□□ □□■■■□□□□□ □■□□□■□□□□ □■■□■■□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□ g:2768 s:30
RT @ethan_doudna: Imma VGLet's Play Minecraft: Ep. 224 - Pixelmon https://v. I be/Cpp_81zvfJs via @ethan_doudna GonzagaTDC time gay i… https://t.co/D20HDxmlx0
RT @Gyasiwaaaa_: what’s that? a personal problem https://t.co/JDI9YcT0Ca
《時報》17時。夕方となりました。そろそろ、本日も日が暮れますね。……はぁ、綺麗な空……。 あぁ、もちろんビスマルク姉さまが一番綺麗です。
BTC: $17797.93, S: $16.04, G: $1,255.00 | Act: 22,479 Open: 5326 BTC: 48,703.5 | Total: $866,827,823 https://t.co/ElscGAhzWi #bitcoin
B:82.47G G:129.41G M:124.35G S:84.21G (OTI)
Phone bill about two G's flat
RT @soompi: ICYMI- WATCH: Wanna One’s Ha Sung Woon Excitedly Meets Friends Taemin, Kai, And Jimin Backstage At 2017 MAMA… https://t.co/WT3DsLwctO
C.G.S - Paparazzi [prod. By YoungDray OnThe Track]
RT @manningtrish: George's Highgate home Thursday December 14 2017 💜🎼⭐️🙏😢🌹 Pic credit - Sue Christodoulou #soverybeautiful #stunning… https://t.co/lokTfsZ52t
RT @EdKrassen: Cost of Trump’s Golf Vacations so far: $90,249,561 Est. Number of Homeless Vets: 39,471 This means Trump could ha… https://t.co/PVboS2aSCt
RT @MajesticMusonda: Manchester United fans still go on about Morata when their striker assisted TWO goals in a Manchester Derby? The de… https://t.co/JNIr1408eJ
RT @bang_dream_gbp: #クリスマスボックス キャンペーン開催中🎁✨ ゲームで使えるギフトカードなど豪華プレゼントが当たる🎄 フォロー&RTで応募しよう💕 詳細→https://t.co/i8cncNnyLH #バンドリ #ガルパと過ごすクリスマス https://t.co/BzeRXY8May
@ne_____g あーーーーーーーね すいません雑魚で
RT @specialchad: OMG! Eng'g Lantern is #woke af. It's a carousel with four 'horses' representing diff societal issues. 1) Lumad on… https://t.co/vNsvIQgBaP
RT @davidcambay: Throwback from the love team Bobby Andrews and Angelu de Leon of T.G.I.S. #TadhanaPaguwi #IANUPagkakalayo @fugenaja
RT @allysauruss: my f e e l i n g s are A meSs
RT @JlNPIC: hoseok said jin played such an important role as their hyung and that they wouldn´t have come this far without him.… https://t.co/iCA1BJ3722
RT @xkxaxii: yσυ'vє gσττα ∂αทcє ℓiкє τнєrє's ทσвσ∂y ωατcнiทg, ℓσvє ℓiкє yσυ'ℓℓ ทєvєr вє нυrτ, siทg ℓiкє τнєrє's ทσвσ∂y ℓisτєทiทg… https://t.co/AWCJ7kWbZA
RT @kianaxjones: happy birthday e&g! You finally made it to 18!! This year was amazing for you both and I cant wait to see what 2018… https://t.co/cXowvRTQiN
@xMotherEarth // I take adderall, serlatine (?) and Zoloft they can’t put me on any more :( on top of that I smoke… https://t.co/AYmkaHjNfc
RT @rockerskating: French Nationals Ladies FINAL G Mae Berenice Meite 183.00 S Laurine Lecavelier 178.04 B Lea Serna 171.39 4 Alizee C… https://t.co/tmhdkyFKPq
RT @sega_pso2es: 「電撃G's magazine .com」にて、「PSO2es 恋やかんエクスタシー」が更新されました! https://t.co/gvPLgs1nWk #PSO2es https://t.co/Tw5BwrgfEd