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A L @iDevSoftware N O L E G U S T A Q U E Escriban así ☝️
S A N T’ E U S T O R G I O 🍾🍾 https://t.co/QHGYzUP8iq
RT @fanmutualsbts: rt if you love @BTS_twt B -jungkook A -taehyung N -jimin G -namjoon T -hoseok A -yoo… https://t.co/7R2bFLupxF
RT @chomeurdelite: g rencontré une fille ça fait 6mois qu'on s'voit elle veut ke j'lui présente ma famille, son père est avocat le mie… https://t.co/YHZzm1ZQac
RT @fanmutualsbts: rt if you love @BTS_twt B -jungkook A -taehyung N -jimin G -namjoon T -hoseok A -yoo… https://t.co/7R2bFLupxF
RT @holdontario: sometimes I feel like stan twitter is a competition of who can afford the most shows/m&g’s, who can get the most li… https://t.co/47XFq3M6Vq
RT @LodgeXLodge: Lodge #News:Watch Johnny Depp Try to Solve The Notorious B.I.G.'s Murder in 'City of Lies' Trailer https://t.co/lY9lftZyFw
Me he leído todo IW, puesto al día con S;G, Hinamatsuri, FMP y Comic Girls, escrito mil tontadas en twitter y todav… https://t.co/qivPOOBTjE
RT @aparanjape: Wow! ... That's some 'All Star Cricket Team' - formed by J.M. Barrie (author of Peter Pan) in the 1880s. It include… https://t.co/lctWCCPj5m
RT @SimplyRisque: I genuinely have no problem with my bae going out to chill with friends without me. It's healthy to give each other… https://t.co/hN8hCdiFZU
@9_Moore Because he thinks he’s the better keeper?
RT @RadioNowHouston: Fun Facts: Here’s Why Tyra Banks, Warren G & More Are Fanning Over K-Pop Group BTS https://t.co/Q9K83A9V4m
RT @SpellRed__: Y’all be out here moving in volume 🤣 Real G’s move in silence
RT @Sajjad44aliAli: Chairman #PPP @BBhuttoZardari, Leader of the Opposition in senate Senator @sherryrehman & G.S Syed Nayyer Bukhari v… https://t.co/6xGRw3zIF6
RT @Drebae_: Confidence will ALWAYS upset someone who’s insecure about themselves. I’m not cocky nor do I think I’m better than… https://t.co/Kh6znBT3d9
@scottEweinberg Tomorrow he's going to demand that Marilyn Manson be taken off the radio.
RT @soyeonsarchive: (180522) congratulations on (G)I-DLE’s first win!!! I hope for them to succeed even more in the future!… https://t.co/BMFS7sDdqn
RT @sadmagirl: E U N Ã O C O N S I G O M A N T E R M I N H A S L Á G R I M A S… https://t.co/MgKTiD4LB6
RT @1761andLilysBar: J.Atkinson 🐝 C.Boyle 🐝 P.Tron 🐝 K.Brewster 🐝 G.Callander 🐝 O.Campbell-Hardy 🐝 L.Curry 🐝 C.Rutherford 🐝 W.Fawell 🐝 M… https://t.co/l9neuZnijd
RT @tytreks: 〜〜 h a s i l g a b u t k u 〜〜 silahkan aja kalau mau save ehehe 『 rt / like jgn lupa 」
@G_Man_Baker Kane has to be Captain if for no other Reason that he has to play every game as he's England's best pl… https://t.co/VTPYQiuUZE