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RT @TOB_JulioROZayy: I love funny people man
RT @TOB_JulioROZayy: I love funny people man
RT @TOB_JulioROZayy: I love funny people man
I love funny people man
RT @MaryneeLahaye: Being friends w/ funny people when you're a quiet person is so good. Observing silently & laughing at their incessant jokes is therapeutic.
@WafiFilms @Paroos_ i donated 5 dollars to there patreon and subscribed to there youtube channel there really funny people
RT @georgevargh: @sanjayuvacha @raj_lawyer Funny, people forget where we were in '47 & where we're in 70 years. But,hey! Anything happening since 2014?
I need some jokes 😂😂 funny people >>>>
It's funny people base "relationship goals" off of pictures
【海外作品】紙キット - おかしな動物に乗ってる面白い人
RT @notyetshea: I'm so funny. People need to appreciate my humour
Empirical truth that most professionally funny people are left-leaning. This is why repub speechwriters traditional…
Why does no one like my tweets, I'm funny people!
Whoops!!! I told people... when you factor in maintenance, virus protection, repairs etc... funny people will pay...
My money is on @markellislive I know he will win because funny people are the smarter people 🍷@SchmoesKnow 📺 #schmoedown #schmoesknow
RT @NolimitAyers: That's funny people really out here faithfully chasing Pokemon. Only thing I'm thinking about catching is 6/7 digits checks into my account
Me, one of the least funny people ever, is writing two comedy stories
Just watched an old Carson episode. Only guests were Carlin & Pryor. Amazing. Funny people talking for an hour -- what a novel concept.
Silsbee full of funny people😂💯
I sweaa getting stupid high with funny people be the best 😂
RT @ikanatassa: life is funny. people come and go. places open and close. love sparks then it fades. and most of the time, all we have left is memories.
It's funny people claim to be holy yet I go in the streets and do things for there god because there people need hope.
I love talking to funny people like I just be dead the whole time 😭😂
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