RT @tsuli2711: 경수 Playing with my new watercolor gel pastels~ Not bad, huh? Photo reference: Waning Gibbous 112%
RT @SLAYLONIE: "funny how you don't criticize women of color for straightening their hair" MARC JACOBS OFFICIALLY CANCELED
RT @JaretteNicole: People be funny man😂😂😂😂
RT @TheFunnyTeens: When you tell a joke and your parents turn it into a speech about life
RT @DaiIyRap: Donald Glover's show "Atlanta" received the highest audience rating for a basic cable comedy since 2013
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RT @Jduckham: A prominent birther told me once that Trump's source was the computer guy who designed his golf courses. No joke.
@Dan_Shaughnessy It'll be funny (after him @ 6pm on BaseballReports) to hear @TonyMassarotti 2night *beep*beep*beep*
Retweeted cHILDISH (@olwethu__thando): Woke White People are actually too funny guys ... meanwhile at UCT 󾌱󾌱󾌱󾌴󾌴...
RT @dreadheadmonte_: Cat in the Hat •Bruh this nigga made a hoe joke in a kids movie you can't get more lit😂. •I wanted to meet him 😭
RT @PMNOrlando: Funny how no 1 called Trump racist b4 his political run for President. Think about it, your being LIED 2 ONCE AGAIN!
RT @TheFunnyTeens: When the group chat lit and you gotta get your joke in before the subject change
RT @mvmeet: He Killed cow on Bakrid, Made funny selfies with it, BY EVENING THE GUY WAS DEAD THE LAW OF KARMA
RT @olwethu__thando: Woke White People are actually too funny guys ... meanwhile at UCT 😅😅😅😂😂
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Watch Video: Mark Angel Comedy - The Petrol (E85) [Starr. Emmanuella & Denilson Igwe]: SHARE Another week, an...
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