#HubSpot: 236 episodes of Friends & not one joke from Chandler saying, “Just Bing it!” Wonder why? ... #AdsDEVEL
RT @IngrahamAngle: Funny how Plan for Border Wall Makes Fiscal Conservatives of Democrats | LifeZette
RT @target7official: #한 바운이형이랑 춤연습! もっとじょうずになりたいです🔥 Freestyle dance is very funny #바운 #ハン #きらきら #freestyle #dance 遠く離れていても僕の心が伝えたらいいなあ…
RT @JamieCollabro: Is this a total joke? #Littlemix outsold these guys by three times!! What a total JOKE. #Brits
Why i find this so funny 😂 😂 😂 😂
RT @We_R_TheMedia: Let Me Get This Straight. MEXICO Doesn't Want To Take In MEXICANS.. But America Should? This Is A JOKE..Right? 👌…
RT @_Nymphea: Ahahaha so funny but now tell us that was a joke please.
RT @itsliverpool: Oh boy! Fiddler on the Roof @LivEveryPlay is dazzling. Funny, moving, exhilarating. Go see folks
RT @oharamary_metal: ・Zilch - ELECTRIC CUCUMBER 元X JAPANのhideと、元KILLING JOKEのポール・レイヴンが中心のバンドよ。本当に日本人が作ったのかしら? と思う程独創的で先進的な曲だわ!
#Telugunow Btech kastalu short film read further.. Share this news..
Funny because I'm young & health but still couldn't by healthcare before #obamacare.
RT @MESSYMONDAY: Tana, it's funny you dislike ppl that use the n word yet you praise someone who uses it daily. Hopefully that RT go…
RT @debnamfloriana: This would be funny if it wouldn't be true
RT @femaIes: Me: don't be petty Me: don't be petty Me: ... Me: ... Me: I just think it's funny how...
RT @AmeComiLife: 『ソー/ラグナロク』はコメディ要素の強い作品に!?ロキ役トム・ヒドルストンが「この映画はソーの過去最高に面白い描写になるって、自信を持って言えるよ。」とコメント!『ソー』過去2作が比較的シリアスだった為、心配するファンも多い。…
Funny how little ol' Israel has so many amazing, technological advances. Thank God!
RT @my_wired: #Q1: Lights, camera, funny faces! Here is your first task for the #OfficeGang contest. #contest #contestalert
RT @BernardKeane: You're a joke @TonyAbbottMHR. You say "stop all new spending to end ripping off our grandkids" - you ramped up spen…