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RT @RDBurgos94: Necesito que alguien venga a asesinarle a mi vecino que parece que no conoce el auricular y pone Funky para todo el…
@brianducoffe Yeah, you know. Funky lighting. Quick edits.
RT @worrynet: 노 키즈 존 얘기 나오니 정말 이 소리 해야 겠다. 노 아재 존 이게 더 시급하다. 이건 약한 쪽만 공격하는 비열한 사고방식이다.
I mean it would make sense if your songs sounded the same but they don't.. in any way at all ... but since we call…
Deep Jazz Realityから7インチ化された親父のAin't Funky Nowが一日遅れで届きました。一枚は親父の妹さんに送ります。出来る事ならばこのアルバムのトロンボーンでアレンジャーのテディさんにも送ってあげたい❗
RT @yuhviolet: @divineverytime do the cargo pants, bum bag, disruptors + a really funky top, don’t go for that pink one tho cause u can do a lot better lol
아오이쇼타 캐릭타 존내 아오이쇼타처럼 생김
RT @numan_edd: / #梅原裕一郎 #蒼井翔太 #前野智昭 が歌う🎤 \ 『#明治東亰恋伽 ~ハヰカラデヱト~』 キャラクターソング発売決定💖 🔽イベントや特典情報も! #めいこいデヱト #めいこい
RT @ppstl001: 이거 내 웃음지뢰임 깁미유얼핸즈 하는거
have to reinstall tw3 bcse i've been getting Funky graphical glitches 😔
Beth was like “yea, I got cho lil funky message“ 😂🤣 #ThisIsUs
RT @dust_pup: bartender at the bar i take my break at says i dress like a funky funeral coordinator
Now playing Funky Cold Medina by Tone-Loc!
RT @RedIsDead: A brief guide to trans acronyms: MTF: "My, That's Funky!" FTM: "Full-Time Matador" T4T: "Time 4 Tea" GRS: "Great R…
|| Roma: does freaky shit Me, crying: hell yes you funky feral bitch
@Terence_da_AMOG Right I was like yea it’s all fun and games sir but I never said anything about your funky ass bre…
RT @RexChapman: Prince ~ Play that Funky Music ~ Live 2011 (RIP)🏀🎸🔊 🎶💿💜
"It's getting FUNKY" awesome Kate line. @NBCThisisUs #ThisIsUs
Enterarme que el Sabado hay una fiesta funky en Resistencia ya me devolvió las ganas de vivir
Oh, if she’s gonna be funky, she was better off getting drinks #ThisIsUs
Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary
Apni Zindgi ko jaroorat ke hisaab se Rekho, Khwahishe se Perhez Karo. Kyonki…Zarurat Faqeer ki b Puri ho jati hai o…