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@taraschiumo the American people need their frosties
21/12/16 - Breakfast Frosties with almond milk [137]
Shoutout to Frosties for being so peng
Ok guys : CHRISTMAS SWIMS As per normal the Frosties will be swimming at the head near midday . Congregate...
@Moledozer Collect tokens from boxes of Frosties, innit.
RT @hamdistressed: this is Tony the Frosties cereal mascot, feel old yet?
@ian_generico I'm bringing Frosties and you ain't getting shit
duncan pal it's the fucking law an opinion is whether you like frosties or not
watermelon at frosties lang
This is the Frosties ting I've heard this year
I used to have a bowl of Frosties ... they were ggrrrrrrrrrrreat !
I'm having Rice Krispies in a Frosties bowl. Rule book meet the bin. #maverick
@24studio My 9yr old daughter says "what do snowmen eat for breakfast? ........... Frosties 😆😆😆
@CornHomunculus @JimSterling Frosties Homunculus is similar just sweeter!
Blimey. I’m not ashamed to have not guessed that. A better joke would be ‘What do snowmen eat for breakfast? Frosties.’
What is a Snowman's favourite Cereal? Frosties.
RT @MikezGaucho: Get the Frosties out the foil, bring the milk to a boil 🔊
RT @MikezGaucho: Get the Frosties out the foil, bring the milk to a boil 🔊
@Visit_Wakefield Have you been putting Buckfast on your Frosties?
@MellesBellesMcr think I'll stick to toast and frosties!!
Chez nous on mange des frosties et des cocopops au p'tit dej, ici ... C'est une autre culture.
can someone drop off some frosties at my house pls & thx
"We're out of frosties" "um how?" I love alicia