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Facebook: due click per nascondere la stronzata, più interrogazione finale. #FriendFeed: un click e via. La superiorità sta(va) tutta qui.
Wish someone would open source the FriendFeed code.
I just published “I miss FriendFeed. Also miss Google Reader for that matter.”
Teknik Sulaman Benang Halus Tangan Motif Bungaan 05 -
Umarım site kapanır tekrar FriendFeed e döneriz. Orda daha çok seks dönüyormuş zamanında.
Wow, my Google account "About Me" info is so out-of-date. Links for posterous, brightkite, seesmic, backtype, google reader, friendfeed, etc
@kfury reactions remind me of the old days when #Friendfeed would go down temporarily...😢
Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, friendfeed hesaplarım var ama kullanmıyorum.
I was also terribly upset to discover that FriendFeed wasn't a carnivorous plant that would eat your dinner guests on command.
FriendFeed 友達とオンラインで簡単にコンテンツを共有できるサービス
Düşün ki yıl 2010 yarın sonisphere konserine gidiyorsun, friendfeed te full gıybet akıyor. Öyle bir his.
@btaylor @jesskah forever linked by the Friendfeed and Polyvore office 1.0.
@steveportigal let me send you my openID and subscribe to you in FriendFeed
Sources, Microsoft is going to cost? I don't agree to stop overreacting to the FriendFeed app.
I'll admit that when I first heard of FriendFeed I thought it was an ingenious method of disposing of the remains of murdered relatives.
friendfeed yerine kullandığımız yer mi oldu?
@Leonaltro senti la mancanza del guitar contest di Friendfeed
FriendFeed 友達とオンラインで簡単にコンテンツを共有できるサービス