Fried Pickles

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What I want in life rn: Back massage and fried pickles.
@czanec @k_strong35 idk those fried pickles were so good lmao
RT @Kameron_Taylor: All I want in life is an endless supply of fried pickles. Is that too much to ask for?
here's another tweet about fried pickles
@JArnoldTAMU85 checking in for fried pickles and Buffalo chicken tenders.
Lost my mind sandwich...from the bottom up...onions, fried potatoes, hot sauce, pickles fish…
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FRIED PICKLES IS WHAT I NEED YOU TO VOTE FOR HERE!!!!!! - - - Do Us A Flavor is back! Can y…
Guess I'll treat myself to some hot wings and fried pickles 😋
RT @LoHuff_: Fried pickles, I love them
PLEASE VOTE FOR FRIED PICKLES HERE!!!!!!!! - - - Do Us A Flavor is back! Can you beat thi…
Someone please bring me fried pickles 😍😍😍😍
all i'm saying is if @sanchezrashelle doesn't come through w those fried pickles tonight ima cry
I need fried pickles.
I made fried pickles and they were so good
I'm going to power nap when I wake up it's time for mojitos and tacos yay or yay or do I have Buffalo Wild Wings and fried pickles n whiskey
@ccpd1219 had the fried pickles also Bill. Delicious.
Texas Roadhouse has the best fried pickles hands down
RT @Iceesis: I love me some fried pickles 😍😍
RT @chrrrybomb: 7.) FRIED PICKLES -THE GOAT -Fuck me Upppp -UHHH DO I NEED TO SAY MORE??
Fried. Chicken. Sandwich. Buttermilk marinated, house pickles, shaved romaine, remoulade, smoked honey on...
@tjkaplan_xvx he learned from his auntie em. are you at galaxy? get me fried pickles
I can't stop thinking about fried pickles
@FirstTimeTrek I made fried pickles last night. I wouldn't throw one at him because they're delicious and he doesn't get any.