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RT @ScottFoxonair: Good morning! It's Dec 6. Today: High 5. Tonight: Rain or snow, low 1. Tomorrow: High 0. Thursday: Chance of flurries, high 1. #FoxKatZ1035
RT @JackJ: You can't enjoy the ups without the downs, the sun without the rain, the highs without the lows... you know what I'm sayin!
RT @shonanpen: あっ!小林製薬 小林製薬の「原潜」! 地球のどこからでも核弾頭装備SLBMを発射可能! 好きな都市を火の海に! 女性『気持ちいい〜!』 小林製薬の「原潜」!
RT @VJohnsonABC7: Tracking rain moving in through the AM Rush. Chance isolated sleet N&W of DC. Road temps high. Heaviest rain PM Rus…
RT @Evansweather: Here's How Your Day Shapes Up! You Will Need Your Rain Gear This Evening!
@92Neda 모리 : (안아주고 토닥토닥...)
There have been some high rain totals across the region. Lake Butler Middle School's WeatherSTEM station has picked…
RT @Evansweather: Careful Travel This Evening. Rain and Wet Snow N&W Tonight!
@isoiso19810211 暁光だとマルツーとSGばっかり使ってますね🐼 キルは確かに稼ぎやすい気がします🐼
heavy rain makes me want to go back to sleep 💤
@plain0407 美味しい\(^o^)/
Chance the Rapper-Acid Rain
A brisk east wind makes that 34 feel like 25. A cold rain will develop later this morning.
New Rain World Teaser! + PSX, Illustrations and new pics!
Heavy rain and some lightning in the area, nothing severe.
RT @EmilyOrender: this rain makes me want to stay in bed all day. ):
11:18 Temp 11.6oC Hum. 96 pct Max 11.7oC Min 10.2oC Rain 0.0 mm WindAvg 18.8 km/h SSE
I can't even stand watching AKSMH2 episodes coz she's so scary. Waaaah. @carlyncabel I salute you for your acting skills! -Rain
RT @banryu_cyp: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이글, 벨져 날 찾지 마라ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Trying to figure out how Ima get to class because I'm not gonna walk with these crutches in the rain that's so dead.
This rain is so annoying 😤
I do not wanna drive to school in this rain 😭
@kamiya__erina 今日みたいに寒い日は、赤から鍋つっつきたい!