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10pm: Light Rain 4.9C - Wind: W 5km/h - Bar: 101.3 kPa - Hum: 100% #Muskoka #Weather
7pm: Light Rain 5.3C - Wind: SSE 18km/h Gusts to 30km/h - Bar: 100.8 kPa - Hum: 92% #Prince Rupert #Weather
just when i wanna go out in the sun the cloud decides to be like oh hey what a great day go rain fk
@chapeauxx yep...key prompt words/phrases..."strong winds", "pouring rain" etc
@usagitooyama 一番お願いします。もうほんと素敵です・・・センス食いたい・・・
RT @IndieWire: "Singin' in the Rain" premiered 65 years ago today in New York City
Nothing like running in the rain the freezing in a little small air conditioned room. :D
Alex and Sam get some action in the rain and Sam comes out of the storm with a W!
You came to rain a flood You said 'drink from me, drink from me'
@MerryKish Are we getting indie lp today? The rest of my wine bottle could use it.
10pm: Light Rain 10.2C - Wind: W 9km/h - Bar: 101.2 kPa - Hum: 96% #Peterborough #Weather
@FaZe_Rain then follow me I am a major raindrop💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧
It's currently Rain and 63F outside. #날씨
RT @LJ804_: Days in the sun, and nights in the rain
Wind 3.0 mph SE. Barometer 1017.00 mb, Falling. Temperature 5.7 °C. Rain today 0.0 mm. Humidity 90%
Wind 0.0 mph E. Barometer 30.188 in, Rising slowly. Temperature 48.6 °F. Rain today 0.01 in. Humidity 79%
RT @30secondrock: Guns N' Roses - "November Rain"
@km___chun さすが!!!! さすが!!!!🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻笑
RT @Wennietrue: Sometimes the rain falls on your head Washes over you Your soul Given new life New meaning Perfect health And vitality #dancingrain
A good rain. Hope you got some!
That moment when you go jogging and then it starts to rain and you turn into Usain Bolt
Wind 7 km/h ONO. Barometer 1028,5 mb, Cala lentamente. Temperature 2,9 °C. Rain today 0,0 mm. Humidity 75%
This Golden Retriever Felt Rain For The Very First Time, And You Have To Watch His Reaction!