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Excellent RT @owlbird: Now playing Freebird, with a large gin and tonic in my hand, for my dear friends @henriettak and @TVKev xxx
RT @3hearts4u: 10/15 freebird #サムガ 10/13 Song2 ~the sequel to that~ #ストスマ 9/30 freebird #ワッツ 9/15 freebird #ストスマ フリバ率よ。
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腕を蚊に刺されているときに 腕にぐっと力を入れると蚊の針が抜けなくなる
RT @smap_forever_jp: (^o^)#smap スマップ 『freebird』 .
@Reives_Freebird A Bird Story in real life. It was fated to be like this.
@freebird_ari jk I don't she bought me wingstop
I hate Joana lmao
Rajasthan, India: I cannot Image by ~FreeBirD®~ Describe the feeling, it was something I possibly will not ex...
#LynyrdSkynyrd Lynyrd Skynyrd - 5 Audio #CD Lot - Used - Rock - Freebird, Frynds #Rock #Band
@biburakun ありがとうございます😳 結果は……まあ、取り敢えず、投げ出さすに頑張ったと言うことでビールで乾杯🍺✨🍺です(笑)
@freebird_fly3 ご苦労様でした😆🎵🎵
Baby, I love your way & Freebird / Will to Power #SoundtrackUnseresLebens
After literal years in my Steam backlog, I finally got around to playing #ToTheMoon, by @Reives_Freebird. Beautiful story, amazing OST <3