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@KateInStroud We can confirm that the item can only be returned to a House of Fraser store. Thanks!
The next couple of weeks are going to be so awful #6exams #studying #tears
RT @baldwin_myles: Blessed to receive an official scholarship from Simon Fraser University! #NCAA
RT @REWca: ICYMI Home sales in the #FraserValley slide in November, but prices remain high: new @FVREB stats…
잊지 않을거야. 잊는다 해도 다시 기억해 낼 거야. 난 이 어금니를 뽑고 어른이 됐거든. #나쁜자석
RT @CrazyFightz: Retweet for respect, this is how fights should go
RT @Jeff_like_Feff: Is anyone else annoyed that they're making a new Mummy movie even tho the 1999 one with Brendan Fraser was great? Still holds up.
The new #mummy movie looks cool, I'll end up seeing it at some point, but obviously it isn't a mummy movie without Brenden Fraser lol
@Monse_1222 I hope so! 🙏🏽 hahaha I loved the one's with Brendan Fraser 😍
Brendan Fraser is the new monster I fear hiding under my bed. #TheAffair
@lindseyweber I was about to be like "excuse me, it's brendan fraser" but I also once tweeted thsi:
Just saw preview to new movie @themummy Was Brendan Fraser not available?
WTF Tom Cruise & NOT Brendan Fraser in #TheMummy That totally SUX
RT @frenchy_gang: "So you think you can just skate through life, huh?" Me:
Former Marine to Colin Kaepernick: 'Go Play in Cuba': Jim Fraser, former Marine and father of a fallen Air Force…
RT @BigPondMedia: #TheMummy without Fraser is like Frasier without Frasier. Fuck that shit. Seriously. I love Cruise but he ain't no Fraser. #NotMyMummy
RT @DianaNYC3: @themummy Once you see Brendan Fraser battle a mummy, nothing else comes close.
@Lyannachan @JanzSkywalker Ja, der erste Eindruck lautet: recht beliebig. Die Fraser-Teile 1 und 2 erwiesen sich hingegen als Perlen.
@TranBC @CBCTraffic my mom got hit with an icebomb today 12:45 pm Alex Fraser. Very scary!
@bjornson_1 'Smoky Gray Mist' and a 'Fraser Fir Tree' scented candles, Les Kuba paintings of pheasants and deer, 8pt mount, 2 TVs, 1 box one
RT @Numeta: @themummy Long Live Brendan Fraser
RT @BatmanNewsCom: What's Enchantress doing in the new Tom Cruise movie, #TheMummy?! via @SuperheroNewsCB
@travis_mke why are you posting pictures of Brendan Fraser at this late hour Travis